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    Hello, I am traveling to Dallas next month and I'm looking for a great perfume boutique. I'm looking for the niche perfumes, and the small shops, not Neiman's or Stanley Korshak. Anyone know of any good ones?

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    Of course the big malls have the big department stores, which have big selections.

    The best places to find unusual and discontinued fragrances are here too.

    If you don't mind looking for a needle in a haystack, get over to Harry Hines just off the freeway. There are a dozen fragrance stores amongst stores selling jewelry and Korean restaurants. I've found some gems there, but no "niche" stuff there. The prices are excellent--especially if you are willing to haggle.

    In Fort Worth there is a store called Parfumelle ( that has an incredible selection, and the owner is a true lover and connoisseur of fragrance. The prices aren't the bargains of Harry Hines but they are pretty reasonable.

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    Beauty Cafe with L'Artisan, MPG, Bond #9, CSP, Abinoam among others, would be your best choice. It takes about 35 min to get there on I-75 from downtown Dallas, Beauty Cafe is owned by a perfumista and a wonderful person Ms.Lisa. Please check her website, talk to her, make an appointment and voila. You are also in for a surprise money-wise, if you mention Basenotes.
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