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    Question testers on ebay?

    Hi everyone. I am new to these forums and have a general question. Should you be warry of buying testers on ebay. Some of these seem like pretty good deals and i would think you would be getting the same thing as the original.


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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    welcome to Basenotes, check out this thread in the Just Starting Out forum.

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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    Check out as well. They have many legit testers for a good price.

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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisW
    Check out as well. They have many legit testers for a good price.
    Hmm, I'd love to have a shop like this that's shipping to mainland europe...
    I'd be getting myself that Brit tester in no time...

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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    I've bought several testers from reputable ebay sellers & I haven't had a negative experience yet.
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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    I have bought lots of testers. I can especially recommend the ebay seller "meidy" as a great resource for mainline scents in tester bottles. Some good deals on Hermes here and there.

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    Default Re: testers on ebay?

    There are many good sellers on Ebay, the main problem I've had is refusal to take back a fragrance that has gone bad. They blame it on the customer's nose, very convenient ploy that you can do absolutely nothing about, but I think I know the difference! I am very wary of that, now, it has happened to me too often. I have had to dump several $35-$40 fragrances at the thrift store just so they could sell it for the bottle. I also just purchased something that was labeled in a misleading way at an online store and I ended up with a duplicate of something I already have. They have a return policy, so I don't have to worry about sending it back. If I had done that on Ebay, I would have been stuck with it, more than likely. Just got two very questionable samples off there, too, and can't figure out why they would smell bad, since they are fairly new scents. No sense quibbling about that small amount of money, but they made me sick. Since I purchased samples from the same line from another seller that were fresh, the difference was obvious. Where was she storing them? The back forty in 100 degree weather with the cap off under a pile of horse dung?

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