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    Default weird John Varvatos experience

    Since it's release I bought two John Varvatos fragrances from e-bay.NIB and sealed .
    Although I liked it, the scent itself was gone in 60 seconds, didn't last at all.
    Since it's available now here in stores, I bought a bottle for retail price. The difference is huge! It smells way deeper than the bottles I got from e-bay. It's start is fresher and it lasts waaay longer.Besides, the scent actually developes from top till basenotes, which I could't detec with the other bottles. I mean I didn't expect this at all.
    I really start to think that some e-bay stores sell old stock bottles.

    I have to ad I had this experience once before, when I bought a Carolina Herrera Chic tester.
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    Default Re: weird John Varvatos experience

    Well, it could be old, it could have been in too-high temperatures for a while (that usually changes the scent markedly), or it could have been diluted, repackaged, and resealed, which isn't that hard to do, actually. Sad but true. Or it could be a faux fragrance, there are lots of counterfeits out there.
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    Default Re: weird John Varvatos experience

    Is varvatos old enough, as far as it's release, to qualify for the suspect of "old merchandise"? I thought it was relatively new. That doesn't mean it wasn't sitting in a 100 degree viatnamese warehouse for 2 years, though!

    And to take into consideration the profitability of counterfeiting fragrances...

    I can see the obvious payoff in creating huge-selling fragrances, but where do skammers draw the line? I hope I am somewhat safe in assuming that my Azzarro Visit was not popular enough to counterfeit. My point - Would Varvatos be? I guess its impossible to accurately estimate the popularity of a fragrance without seeing some sort of statistical reference.
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    Default Re: weird John Varvatos experience

    I'm 100% sure it was not a counterfeit fragrance, and I believe it was a reliable seller also. The more it suprised me how good the longevity and overal impression of the quallity of the retail bottle was, compared to the e-bay ones. I do believe though that there are retail stores that sell old stock on e-bay.
    I asked a local retailer here and they restock a brand every year ,two years ,or so,for fresh bottles,depending on how well it is selling.
    Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, I dunno.
    Thanks for the replies.

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