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    Default What am I missing; Nicole Miller for Men???

    Two sources and the prices don't make sense:

    Source #1: $149.99 for 2.5 oz EDT

    Source #2: $54.17 for 2.5 oz EDT

    I was thinking about a swap for it but how do I place a value on it with those discrepancies?

    I hope I'm not embarrassed with the answer.......................:wave:

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    Default Re: What am I missing; Nicole Miller for Men???

    There are some online sellers who feel they have nothing to lose by asking ridiculous prices for supposedly rare frags. This stuff is not that rare so as to warrant those prices.

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    Default Re: What am I missing; Nicole Miller for Men???

    I never really saw the attraction to this one. It was highly praised some time back here on the boards ... so I paid a good price for the small bottle. I've been trying to "get it" ever since.

    Definitely a "try before you buy" frag. Not worth THAT kind of money ... IMHO of course.

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