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    Question Relax by Davidoff, EDT vs Deoderant

    In my humble opinion, one of the better fragrances out there is the hard to find Relax by Davidoff. While the EDT is hard to come by and expensive when you do find it ($60 to $70 for a 75ml bottle is a reasonable price), I can usually find the Deodorant version of Relax for MUCH less ($20 to $30 for a 75ml bottle). Anyway, I've tried both in a head to head (actually wrist to wrist) competition. I put 1 squirt of EDT on one wrist and one squirt of Deodorant on the other and monitored how they smelled throughout the day. I could not tell the difference, both in terms of fragrance or longevity. Both still were very much there with some projection 12 hours after I initially sprayed and smelled the same to me. It may be that my nose is just not good enough to tell the difference.

    Does anyone out there know what the difference between the EDT and the Deodorant version of Relax is?

    Bill (oolong on Basenotes)

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    Default Re: Relax by Davidoff, EDT vs Deoderant

    Pardon the late response to this topic, but I was wondering the same thing. I'm considering buying a bottle of Relax deodorant spray, and was curious to see if anyone had found any noteworthy differences between it and the EDT.


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    Default Re: Relax by Davidoff, EDT vs Deoderant

    The Deodorant spray sucks. I wish I would have kept it, but I threw it away. The EDT smells way better, and they only share a few notes anyways (IMO).
    - Rich
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