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    Default mure et musc, problem?

    I got a bottle on (chortle) ebay, 5/6 full. well, I thought it was mure et musc extreme, that's my problem, however...

    it's got all these particles floating in it. it was said to be an old bottle that was "aging beautifully" like a very old bottle. it's not a complete disaster on me, but it certainly looks gross to see these flecks in the juice.

    do you think I have a case for returning it?

    I mean, well it smells kidn of weird compared to the new sample I had of m&m extreme. after a bit it isn't terrbile though....

    it's definitely like a snow globe when I jiggle the bottle though!

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    I'd say you have a case for a return. That's disgusting. And it makes me wonder what it is and how it got in there. I'm curious to see what others think about this!

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    I had a bottle of something one time that had a few flakes of something floating around in the bottom of it. Didnt hurt the smell or anything though.

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    They didn't call it "extreme" for nothing!

    "Why not seize the pleasure at once?"
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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    it is gross, kinda, but it smells alright I think...

    If I were the really aggressive type I might try to get a refund but mainly that's cause I"m low on money now and kind of wondering why I felt I needed a whole bottle of mure et musc.

    I do feel I ought to have paid less. perhaps could request a partial refund ? This aspect of the "wonderfully aged" bottle should have been disclosed cause it would have effected my bid.

    I also have to say getting frags through the mail during the summer... is asking for trouble isn't it?

    When this cdg Cocoa thing came it was so hot to the touch, but the juice was ok. But what about the creeds...

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    If I look close, a few of my frags have some little bits floating around.

    The most obvious is when I opened up the plastic casing on my Ferrari Passion and noticed quite a few floater in there. It still smells perfectly fine, though (well, at least as find as Ferrari Passion can smell...).

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    I've noticed little bits of 'stuff' floating around in quite a few fragrances. I've often wondered if this wasn't some sort of debris from any natural materials used in producing the fragrance. The stuff in question rarely was more than a few visible specks floating about though.

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    thanks all. this is quite a bit of stuff sort of like dandruff. well, I asked seller for 10 bucks off. we'll see what happens. person seems pretty nice. someone who just sells her own stuff she's getting rid of. I'd misread the ad cause it was very confusing it made it sound as though the bottle were only 1/4 full and I contacted the person saying the price seemed crazy for 1/4 bottle and the person clarified for me that it was actually 3/4" missing out of a 4.25" bottle, AND lowered the starting price, which there was no need to do... and I'm asking to have paid a little more than that now, so...

    I'll let you know how it turns out!

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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    I have two bottles of MeME; one I bought new on the net and one I swapped for and neither have any particles in them.
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    Default Re: mure et musc, problem?

    Hi there...The bottle of Mure Et Musc you purchased hasn't curdled. The sediment you are referring to, is a common by-product of fragrances that are made with natural ingredients, and does not compromise the scent or quality. All of our products are kept in a cool, dry closet, not subjected to light. I believe that you paid a very fair price for a scent of this quality. I appreciate your acknowledgment of our quick ship policy. We are adament about this because we also mention, in all our ads, that payment must be made within 3 days of auctions end, or items are made available for sale again. I received notice of payment intentions almost a week after the auction ended, to wait several days for a money order. I don't believe issuing you a 25% refund through Paypal is fair to us. Unlike many (ie. dept. store testers), which are being sold on Ebay, the color, scent, decanter and cap of this item are perfectly intact...the tiny bits of sediment are inevitable. I'm glad that I was able to offer this hard to find item to anyone, at this price. I believe it would be fair, for you to reconsider your position on this issue. I would like you to feel comfortable with your purchase. Thank you.
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    at this point I'm a lot more worried about order from auction ending 8/24 that has still not arrived
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