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Thread: is it normal?

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    Default is it normal?

    for mure et musc to have flecks floating in it?

    I asked the men but don't seem to be getting any intelligence back so I'm trying here!

    This bottle is 20 years old and... the stuff smells good actually.

    I'm actually impressed at how slowly the flecks move around, indicating the stuff is not watery!

    But they do have the look of curdled milk or something!

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    Default Re: is it normal?

    Well no, it's not normal. My Chanel #5 pure parfum has flecks floating in it, too. It was fine until I lost it under the car seat all one summer. It boiled, I suppose. Mine is 'off' to say the least, not sour or bad, but whatever is congealed used to be part of the fragrance, and is now sludge on the bottom.

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    Default Re: is it normal?

    Resins such as tolu balsam can come out of solution and present as tiny brown flecks or brown sludge on the bottom of a bottle. Harmless but if the scent is still pleasant, go ahead and use it.
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    Default Re: is it normal?

    thanks. I think it's basically ok.

    I've only sampled mure et musc extreme and this seems pretty close to how I remember that maybe age brings extremity? (he thinks wishfully)

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    Talking Re: is it normal?

    Hey, is there any chance this was in the old bottles , splash type?

    If it is, then maybe it's dead skin cells from your hands/skin that have accumulated over the years?
    It happens with pure perfume/extrait that come in splash type bottles and with roll-on bottles a lot, that's why I am suggesting this.

    The balsam flecks theory might hold some water too, provided there were balsamic ingredients in the composition in the first place. (not sure)

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