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    Smile I got my first fragrance compliment today!

    I was starting to think I'd never hear a "you smell good" sort of remark. Okay, my husband says a nice word now and then, but none of the cousins, aunts or friends I hugged in recent weeks ever said a thing. I really thought I had a shot at it this past weekend when I dressed up, sprayed on what I thought would be a people-pleaser (La Chasse aux Papillons) and made a presentation to an audience of nature-lovers about native plants. Zip, zilch, zero. (My presentation turned out killer though! )

    Then today, DH and I accompanied an acquaintance to her lawyer's to sign health care power-of-attorney papers. When we dropped her off at her house she asked for a hug. "Mmmm. You smell nice," she said.

    Really?! I told her about Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe. This little lady said most fragrances give her headaches, but not this one, and she really liked it. As soon as I got home a made a decant for her. Going to get the bigger bottle of BVC when this bottle runs out. It now has special status in my cupboard.
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    Default Re: I got my first fragrance compliment today!

    Great! I don't get too many of those, either. I think it's wonderful that you are sharing some of your fragrance with this lady, isn't playing "perfume fairy" fun? I am also very sensitive to a lot of perfumes, Jo Malone's line doesn't bother me at all. Give her a website that she can look up descriptions on, too, maybe she would like some of her other scents. So far, everything I've tried of JM's has been pretty nice.

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    Default Re: I got my first fragrance compliment today!

    you know, there must be lots of people who might think that you smell great but they can become shy when approaching you, or don't really know how to say that they like it or what is the appropiate thing to say, i have met people who have said to me, after i break the ice, that there were many times that they thought i smelled great but didn't know what to say at the time because of their shyness.
    but i'm glad that in general i get lots of compliments!

    and i just know you must smell great!

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    Default Re: I got my first fragrance compliment today!

    How satisfying! It's so nice when people notice. Of course, all it means to me is a sudden lemming urge to try JM BVC. I might need a little decant just to smell like Quarry!

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    Default Re: I got my first fragrance compliment today!

    People rarely say anything around here (in the Midwest). I always compliment strangers and ask what fragrance they are wearing. I even tell people if I like their eye color or hair color.

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