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    Default St. Louis, MO

    Here's what I know about shopping for Masculine and Unisex frags in the St. Louis Metro Area. Please append!


    For me, dealing with the Neiman Marcus SAs is unpleasant. I just don't like them. They are at once pushy AND unhelpful. They are friendly enough perhaps, but the phony ennui is too much. Fuck 'em.

    However- I found the selection at NM acceptable.

    Along with a big Creed selection, they have Annick Goutal plus complete selections of Acqua di Parma, Fresh and Jo Malone. They also had a lot of the unisex Guerlain stuff that's hard to find elsewhere around here- Jicky, Imperiale, etc

    Saks Fifth Avenue
    The selection at Saks kinda sucks, like that of a typical mall dept store. Lalique and Duc du Vervins is as rare as it gets. I like their associates though- friendly, fun to talk to, more charismatic.

    Don't forget to visit L'occitane while you're at Plaza Frontenac. I love their Vetyver, Eau des Baux and Eau Des Badian. Resonably-priced as well.


    Small but decent selection mens' frags. Designer stuff with a smattering of higher-end bottles. You can ask for a 1.5ml sample of anything on the shelf. SAs are friendly, but often not in-the-know.
    Also- Macy's, Sephora, Perfumania, L'Occitane, Body Shop.


    Dillard's, Macy's, Sephora, L'Occitane.


    Perfume Unlimited
    I spent just a few minutes in this store, but it was an interesting few minutes. If I recall correctly, there were a good many older but classic (designer) bottles on display- Rive Gauche, Heritage, etc. Didn't try anything as the guy behind the counter remained on the phone for the duration of my stay. My friends were bugging me to leave with them. You know how that goes! Definitely will pay this place another visit.

    Also- Perfumania, Sak's Outlet store (small men's frag selection, somewhat like a higher-end Marshall's).
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    Very thorough list here. Also, there's a new Perfumemania that opened at West County Mall. I'm going there this week and asking if they're hiring cuz I hate my current job.

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    i'll be visiting around christmas---any other stores for women's scents beyond the very thorough post on men's/unisex scents? thx for your guidance.


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    I am not well-informed regarding feminine scents, but all of the above will be generously stocked with feminine scents as well. Each of the department stores mentioned have several large fragrance counters for women versus just one or two for men. Feel free to PM me if you're seeking further details.

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    FYI: the Saks outlet store at St Louis Mills is closed (or will be almost immediately).

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    At Saint Louis Mills, there are two great shops and they are both connected and run by the same guys.

    Discount Perfumes is one. Perfumes Unlimited is the other.

    They have a huge selection of older, more obscure hard to find stuff. And if they don't have something, they will try to get it for you. The first few times I shopped there, the service was OK. Once I'd been in there a few times and bought a few things, and they recognized me, they were EXTREMELY nice to me. Hospitable to a remarkable degree. Of course I sometimes spend a lot of money in there-- but then again, their selection is so good I can't walk out of there without buying at least two bottles of hard to find good stuff! (Plus if you're a repeat customer and they like you, I think they'll give you even better prices!)

    Most people that waltz in those stores are your average FUBU wearing mushmouths who never buy anything (They ask to sample YSL Paris thinking it's Paris Hilton!?!), and sometimes the shop guys might seem surly or distracted. But if you come in there and are serious about perfumes, these guys will take good care of you.

    It will take you a good twenty minutes just to look at everything on the men's wall, and you will probably miss a couple of gems sitting there!

    Highly recommended!

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    I know this is an old post, but I do agree with the original poster. I went to Neiman Marcus for the first time a few months ago. The saleswomen wouldn't even help me! They basically just pointed in the direction of the fragrances and then walked to another section that had no customers at all, then they started talking to each other. I couldn't believe something like that happened at such a high-end store. The ONLY good thing out of the experience is that Neiman Marcus had a large Creed selection, along with other "unheard-of" fragrances! I was amazed because it's difficult to find Creed fragrances in Saint Louis. Most people over here have never even heard of Creed. If they do hear about Creed, they'll refuse to buy it because they don't think it's worth the money. All of my friends and family think I'm crazy when I pay $70 for a fragrance!

    Another thing I didn't like about the Neiman Marcus saleswomen is the fact they they offered me no samples, even after I asked them for some. Out of all of the dozens of fragrances they had there, how in the world did they not have samples? Well... They did give me ONE, but it was for a cologne from Salvatore Ferragamo that I didn't like. Next time, I'll bring my own empty vial so they won't have an excuse

    On another note, if you're walking through the malls in Saint Louis, always go to the small kiosk perfume shops that are throughout the hallways. They also tend to stock some hard-to-find fragrances, but they charge so much

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    Default Re: St. Louis, MO

    For generous samples, go to SAKS (Plaza Frontenac) and Nordstroms at either West County Mall or Galleria.
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