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    Default amerena heart???

    Josiane Pividal has quite a sense of humor. What is amarena heart anyway? A cherry pit? Seriously, what is it?

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    Default Re: amerena heart???

    First I could not figure out what you mean. After a cup of coffee it dawned on me you must be reading the notes for Lolita Lempicka, right?

    "Amarena" in Italian means "black cherry", so I would say yes to the cherry pit. Try Midnight version where it is more pronounced, if you can find it, purrrrrr!

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    Talking Re: amerena heart???

    Yes, indeed, Twolf. You figured it out! I posted the question in a rather fit of frustration after googleing amarena. Josiane Pividal is Lolita Lempicka. She changed her name when the house took off, but I bet her family still calls her Josiane. Oh, the mystery...the magic.

    Would I like Lolita Lempicka with Amerena heart less if it were Josiane Pividal with cherry pit?

    basenotes lists amarise as well, which I think is some kinda mistake, and probably was a misunderstanding of aniseed. That was easy to decipher. Or, perhaps amarise means something in Italian?

    I'll do the LL and Midnight Fragrance wrist to wrist again, and concentrate on picking up....pits. LOL!

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    Default Re: amerena heart???

    "Amarise" you said? Can't find any proof of it on the Net, but I think it is some sort of cherry hybrid ("cerise" means "cherry" in French, remember the color cerise? and also used as a part of "merise" = "wild cherry" Fr.).

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