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    Default Hotel Chocolat - Eau De Chocolat

    Hey guys! The company i work does some selling for a fantastic company called Hotel Chocolat, who make some of the most beautiful chocolates you could ever try. They come from all over Europe and are sold by the Uk based company (Hotel Chocolat). I was just browsing through my latest catalogue and saw this...

    The Scent of Chocolate.
    Lose yourself in this exclusive scent blended by one of Paris' top Parfumiers. Inspired by, and reminiscent of the sensous aromas of chocolate, its deep sandalwood base tones mingle harmoniously with fresher, lighter notes of delicate spices. Surprise your loved one with this truly original gift, presented in an elegant hand-blown glass cocoa pod bottle and glass cocoa bean stopper. Limited edition, only 500 will be made. Order now, deliverable from 15th November. Priced at £44.95.

    Just though you guys might be intrigued by this.

    Tommy x

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    Default Re: Hotel Chocolat - Eau De Chocolat

    Thanks for adding an interesting note to femme forum.
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    Default Re: Hotel Chocolat - Eau De Chocolat

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