Seeing as how Mediterraneum by Versace was discontinued in 1993 and obviously wasn't a hit, many of you probably haven't inhaled this creation. Having sniffed both this and John Varvatos I'm amazed at the similarity. I'd been wanting to hop on the J.V. bandwagon and see what the hype was all about and this is what I find. Was almost enough to make me laugh when I considered that Mediterraneum smelled somewhat like a combination of Listerine original and the scent that fills the air of hicks with a lip full of wintergreen snuff. Sounds horrible but Mediterraneum's drydown was quite nice. Just the top that threw me off a bit. J.V. seems essentially the same other than a slight bit of smokiness to it that's missing in Mediterraneum. Smells nothing like Armani Code to me though. The most quoted comparison I've seen.

Anyone out there had the experience to back-up or debate my view?