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    Default Samples Just Ordered

    I just ordered a massive amount of samples from both Luckyscent and Perfumeworldwide. Just thought I'd share in my recent purchase. If I like any of the ones from perfumeworldwide I'll be sure to buy them. The ones from luckyscent will come later though.

    From Perfumeworldwide:

    Rive Gauche PH
    Opium PH
    Ungaro III
    By Man
    Thunderstorm by Demeter
    Roma Uomo
    Jaipur EDP PH
    Lolita Lempick Au Masculine

    From Luckyscent:


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    Default Re: Samples Just Ordered

    I just got a whole bunch of samples from Luckyscent too - but those little vials! How best to apply the stuff from them? I HATE having fragrance on my hands, and the little dipper in the vial is useless. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Samples Just Ordered

    I just put my forearm up to it, flip it over and keep it pressed tight and move it around and if you do it right the juice will go over your arms and none will drip out.

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    Default Re: Samples Just Ordered

    actually was making a ebay recommend but thinking now it's against the rules. also I kind of like luckyscent so felt bad about steering away from them but. . . there are cheaper places to get some samples if you look around!
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