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    Thumbs up "Soir de Lune" Sisley

    Note: Information as seen at

    "Soir de Lune" 2006 Floral Chypre
    Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Citron, Coriander, Piment and Nutmeg
    Heart Notes: Absolue of Mayrose Centifolia, Absolue of Mimosa, Jasmin, Lily-of-the-Valley, Iris und Peach
    Base Notes: Moss, Musk, Honey, Sandalwood and Patchouli

    I could test this new creation of Sisley at KaDeWe in Berlin. It took 15 years to work out this perfume. Like Eau de Soir, it was created by Hubert und Isabelle d'Ornano, who had fouded SISLEY in 1976. As 15 years is a long time, this scent was created without the influence of seasonal trends. Luckily enough it comes middle in a chypre revival era!
    "Soir de Lune" (EveningMoon) is supposed to be inspired by the personal lifestyle of Isabelle d'Ornano and her world, and her fascination for the moon light. A flat oval clear glass bottle with pale yellow juice and a silver cap in a form of a half moon and a girls face leaning on it, reminding in style of Lalique.
    The scent is very long lasting, and has all the wonderful qualities of a classic chypre in the lines of Diorella, Diva and Knowing.
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    I kind of can't believe Soir de Lune took sixteen years (as I was told) to create. It's essentially a mixture of Eau du Soir and Eau de Campagne, lighter and greener but still a classic chypre with big white notes. (It could be called "Eau du Matin" as the lighter daytime equivalent to Eau du Soir.) And, like Eau du Soir, it's very beautiful and refined, but it's also rather hard and cold. It lacks that certain something that inspires passion.

    I think the Sisley scents are like perfect textbook renditions of classic chypres. They're almost as if a computer made them, they're so unbelievably balanced and tightly constructed. But it's really the eccentricities of scents like Rive Gauche, Femme, No. 19, and Ivoire that make them so compelling. The prim perfection of the Sisley fragrances leaves me cold. I respect them, but that's about as excited as I can get.

    And the bottle is... not good. The shape, the "handwritten" lettering, and the cheesy cherub's head cap led me to think, across the store, a new Lulu Guinness scent was debuting. The flacon clashes with the proper and stiff scent within.

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    I know what you mean about the coldness. And also, I get suspicious when people say "Oh, it took so long, this is so new, different etc", and actually it is 100% in the trend. I even asked at the Sisley counter, if this is a new edition of Eau de Soir, but they denied.
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    I posted about this one over at the missing scents forum, it's really a great chypre scent...

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