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    Default Hot, hot summer frags

    Two things:
    - Name your 3 best frags for hot summer, just wonder what you people are wearing when its deadly hot
    - Please help me find good scent for myself for summer, it should be fresh, not sweet, and hopefully longlasting. I've been in some perfume shops lately, but what sellers called as fresh frag had nothing to do with freshness for me (Davidoff Cool Water and Echo, Azzaro Chrome etc)
    I got my eye on Aqua Di Gio and Aqua Bulgari, but need to test it a bit more before i decide.

    Oh, and additional question: Anyone tryied out J.P.Gaultier La Male Summer 2006 EDC? Got any feedback?

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    *Millesime Imperial by Creed- The ultimate summer frag for me. Longevity's not so great, but it lasts pretty decently on me.
    *Guess Man- Much cheaper alternative to the Creed. I like the apple notes and find this one very easy to wear.
    *Davidoff Good Life- Citrus with a bit of grassyness; reminds me of eating a Key Lime Pie on a freshly-mowed yard. Not the best fragrance ever, but it really reminds me of summer.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    Well, I only have 5, but I was always going with..
    Guess Man
    Allure Sport
    VS for Him.

    Guess Man was perfect for the heat. Stuffman, what do you mean when you say it's a Creed alternative? Which one?

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    I'm saying the Guess can be an alternative to the Creed MI. Sure, there's a significant improvement in quality stepping up to the MI, but I find the Guess to be very similar in character (but not necessarily scent) to MI. Both have very fresh topnotes, with a clean musk base. In days where I want to wear MI, but feel it might be a waste, I don't hesitate to grab the Guess instead.

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    You know what, Eau Paco Rabonne (clear bottle, light green juice) is damn good. I love Bulgari products in general, but not the acqua, which to me is like dozens of other so-called fresh clones. The Paco is fresh in the acqua/marine sense, yet different, with a healthy dose of lavendar. I just got it and it surpised the heck out of me -- surprised it's not discussed more on BN, likely the curse of the infamous older brother.

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    Bahiana by MPG. Have it on as my SOTD.

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    Murray & Lanman Florida Water cologne

    Refreshing as a tall glass of lemonade on a hot sandy sunbaked shore.

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    I second the MI suggestions! Awesome frag, if you can afford it & aren't put off by it's very poor longevity.

    My 3 summer pics:

    CK Eternity Summer
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Clinique Happy
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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    I like MH Tangerine Vert...just when you think its gone, a little heat and then BAM! It hits you like tangerine upside your head.

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    My suggestions:
    - Halston Unbound
    - Polo Black
    - CK One summer 2006
    - Kenneth Cole reaction (longevity is so poor that It's like I'm not wearing anything)

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags


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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    Thx for all sugestions
    To bad most of them are probably unavailable in Poland

    Sigh... oh well

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    Default Re: Hot, hot summer frags

    Right now:

    Creed Erolfa
    Patrick Cox High...
    L'Artisan Navegar

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