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    Default "Desperate Housewives" free sample.

    You can order a free sample of the new fragrance inspired by ABC's Desperate Housewives TV series here...


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    Unhappy Re: "Desperate Housewives" free sample.

    ohh.. US only :-/

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    Default Re: "Desperate Housewives" free sample.

    Sadly yes... DH won't be available for the moment in the rest of the world. That's why Coty won't bother sending a me a sample.

    In the style of "Trump the cologne" that was launched by Lauder after The Apprentice was such a huge success... I know this DH fragrance is just a gimmick and that it probably won't be very original. But still I find this a very amusing novelty. I need this gadget! Now!

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    Default Re: "Desperate Housewives" free sample.

    FYI it's also available in Canada now, saw it at the local Shoppers Drug Mart. Not a very original fragrance and it's merchandised in a tacky sort of grab and go unit.

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