Has anyone smelled Chopard pour Homme? Chopard scents are no longer carried in any American stores (per the Coty website), so there's no place to try it here. (The Chopard boutique here didn't get Infiniment, so I doubt they'll have this new one.) The Chopard website describes it as "an elegant amber woody oriental." It also has some dumb copy about marrying "a classic style with a modern design" and stuff about jumping into a Austin Healey. The bottle also looks plain and dull, unlike the jewel-inspired bottles of previous Chopards.

I'm 99% certain I'm not missing anything with this one, but there's always that chance it's good. Can anyone shed some light on this one?

On a side note, Casran and Madness aren't listed on Chopard's website any longer. Could they have gone the way of Heaven?