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    Default What did you buy because of the ad?

    I'll admit that most of my early fragrance shopping was ad driven. These days, I haven't even seen ads for most of the frags I try. It is interesting to think that for most frag shoppers, it is the initial frag marketing run which sells them the frag, not lot of comparitive testing.

    My history in ad-driven frag purchases:

    1. Obsession (this was back in High School, and the bold nudity, from the early Grecian scuplture type ads to the Kate Moss stuff, certainly gets the attention of a teenager).

    2. Safari (for the romantic anglophile. Gorgeous bottle, luxe equipage for the 19th century sportsman.)

    3. Egoiste (after years of fascination with Chanel's striking ads for women's frags, finally one for men! I loved that ad.)

    4. L'Eau d'Issey (I was more into fashion at this point, and was compelled at the idea of a frag by Issey Miyake. And in contrast with the highly contextual ads of my prior purchases, the plain bottle ad was nice. Actually I recall really liking that bottle design).

    What I didn't buy despite the ad:

    1. Escape (I LOOOVED Escape for Women. Despite the breath-taking Milla Jovovich, I was never tempted by the men's version).
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    Default Re: What did you buy because of the ad?

    My purchase of M7 was totally driven by the hullabaloo over the ad campaign, not so much the ads themselves.

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