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    Default How Do You Maintain A 5 0' Clock Shadow?


    I have always been of the opinion that men look cooler with some sort of stubble or a full on beard - but usually the wife/girlfriend doesn't like it, so the men shave daily.

    With the popularity of stubble in fashion, film and television - I wanted to know how to maintain stubble or what is called the 5 o' clock shadow.

    You can't shave it off every couple of days, you literally have to have the stubble all the time like Crockett on Miami Vice or Hugh Laurie on the show House.

    So how do you maintain the stubble at the same length from week to week. I have seen that razor/trimmer attachments usually don't go short enough, as they are designed to trim a beard or goatee. But take the combs off and you will shave it off.

    Does anyone know of a beard or hair trimmer (link?) that does cut short enough to maintain constant stubble? Or know of another procedure to achieve the same result?

    There are just so many shavers, hair trimmers and other such products on the market. There has to be one that cuts very close to the skin, but obviously not all the way to actually shave it all off and that just leaves stubble.

    I did read somewhere to use a hair trimmer, but I have never tried it. The idea being that it has a feature to allow shaving close to the scalp but not all the way and that same feature can be used on the face


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    Default Re: How Do You Maintain A 5 0' Clock Shadow?

    Shave at night

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    Default Re: How Do You Maintain A 5 0' Clock Shadow?

    I used a Norelco beard trimer that had the vacume built into it. I removed the guard and it worked. Just be sure to shave your neck line.

    If you wan2 shave at night, use a Bump Fighter razor. It does not shave as close.

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