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    Default Kansas City metro area

    Overland Park: Oak Park Mall - Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillards, JC Penny, The Body Shop, Crabtree & Evelyn, & clothes stores w/ their own frags like Banana Republic, A&F, & Hollister

    Kansas City MO: Country Club Plaza - Hall's. Only place I've found Creed & L'Artisan in the city. There's another Hall's location in downtown KCMO at Crown Center. There is also a "design your own scent" store on the Plaza, but the name escapes me.

    TJ Maxx & Marshall's stores: scattered all around, the ones that I know of are Marshall's at Johnson Drive and Antioch, both Marshall's and TJ Maxx at 91st and Metcalf, Marshall's at the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe, TJ Maxx around the NASCAR track in KC, KS. I know there are many other locations but those are just the ones that come to mind.

    There is supposed to be great shopping at the Legends shopping center in Kansas City, KS but I haven't had an opportunity to check that out yet.

    I've only lived in KC for about a year & a half & have in no way exhasted frag shopping resources. I'll update this as I discover more .


    On Friday I was driving home from dinner when I had to make a detour because of an accident. My detour took me by a huge Macy's that I didn't even realize was there before. It's at 71st and Mission in Prairie Village, KS. I went to check it out the next day & they offer most department store staples (Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Lacoste, Burberry, Claiborne, etc. It's pretty nice. The Macy's is part of a cute little shopping center, too. It's a nice little stop.


    Edited to add Towne Center Plaza in Overland Park at 119th spanning between Roe and Nall. I haven't been down there in awhile, but I'm sure they have smelly shops down there.

    Also, the Bannister Mall (on...Bannister road near I-435) is supposed to be really good, but again, I haven't been there so I'm not sure about what smelly shops they have. I'll be looking into this.


    Edited to add the Macy's on Metcalf and 95th-ish. Haven't been there, either, but I'm sure it's just a typical Macy's.
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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    I'm from Lenexa, about 20 or so min. away from the plaza, [south east of it actually] and Towne Center plaza has a macys for sure, and perhaps a few other place with proprietary scents [Banana republic etc.].

    I absolutely must display my amazement at finding a place in KC that sells creed/l'artisan. I've been to the plaza many times, though the majority must've been for a drink, not the stink . I must stop by Hall's the next time I'm in town [XMAS]. We should make it a field trip, wanna meet up?

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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    I live around five minutes from the Legends shopping center, all they have fragrance-wise is a TJ Maxx and a small cosmetics place whose name escapes me. All the small place really had was Michael for Men and some Aramis stuff, though.

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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    I just visited Halls this past weekend and had a very good experience with one salesperson and a very bad one with another, unfortunatly the bad one ended up taking my sale. They have a lovely selection and if you stay away from certain people who have no interest in what you are looking for and only want to sell you the most expensive box in a line you will have a nice experience.

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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    I've had excellent service from Kail at the Hall's Plaza L'Artisan counter. In addition to L'Artisan & Creed, they have Bond No. 9 & Hermes counters.

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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    Discovered Perfume Max in Oak Park Mall this weekend (lower level, near JC Penney's). Lots of stuff that's difficult to find in department stores. Picked up Antaeus, Youth Dew and Habit Rouge EDC. My perfume buddy picked up Kouros, HR EDC, Antaeus and Shalimar EDP. Prices were OK, but the selection was excellent, even a smattering of Creeds. They're having a back to school sale right now with 10/20/30 percent off most fragrances at the moment.

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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    The Darling Room at 1919 Wyandotte is said[1] to carry some of the D.S. & Durga line, which has been discussed in Basenotes threads here and here.

    [1] -- click "Stores"
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    Default Re: Kansas City metro area

    I live in Lawrence, which is about half an hour away from Overland Park. I would like to check out the Hall at Plaza. I usually go to oakpark mall. I was so excited when I saw Annick Goutal and Miller Harris there. I usually shop online.

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