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    Default terre de hermes vs prada vs antidote vs dior

    hi all you cologne experts out there
    im an extensive collector desparetely seeking something new....
    ive been slow to smell and test the newer fragrances out there....but, i'm looking for something long lasting, unique and especially appealing to the female audience....
    my choices are terre de hermes, prada, antidote (v and f) and dior pour homme...please help with some recc's, opinions....if you have any other input about any other new good choices that fit this criteria let me know....

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    Default Re: terre de hermes vs prada vs antidote vs dior

    I would choose either of the following..

    Dior Homme: a powdery smooth, warm, alluring and rich fragrance.. hinting at sweetness, slightly "nutty" .. Some have compared it to the waxy smell of lipstick.. which, I can see to an extent, but overall... it's a very sensual, classy fall/winter fragrance with very good projection and longevity. A great scents for nights out as well as formal occasions.. though I'm sure some could pull it off, I don't really feel at home wearing this with jeans and a t-shirt. To give you an idea of how much I like this fragrance. I swapped it away, twice.. thinking I could get by without it... only to purchase a full bottle in the end. Give it a try.. very recognizeable. I have found this one to be quite popular with the girls who have commented.

    Terre D'Hermes: an earthy and mineral based fragrance that leans towards nice cedar undertones, or takes on a more citric character depending on skin chemistry. This scent is very distinct and the longevity and projection are tops. This is one of those rare fragrances where all the notes blend into something.. just perfeclty.. everything fits. On my friend, the citrus.. comes out strong and sparkles.. making it a much more vibrant scent where on me, the cedar takes the front stage... and makes it mellower and more mysterious. My gf hates this stuff, but generally it has been quite a pleasing fragrance as well. Earthy, vibrant.. slightly "cool" smelling.. definately one worth the purchase.. Versatile scent.. can be work casually, or formally.. and would be quite nice on an evening out as well.

    hope that helps.

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    Default Re: terre de hermes vs prada vs antidote vs dior

    Those are the only two I would suggest as well my friend. With Dior Homme being the front runner.

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