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    Default Rochas Man Intense


    how many of you have tried this one? Could you lighten me up, especially comparison to regular juice intrest me a lot!

    I`m a big fan of org. Rochas Man (my SotD). Imo it`s quite perfect fragrance in it`s own way...Just a flawless blend of lavender, vanilla,coffee and sandalwood. Longevity is great too, for sure.

    I`m planning on buying the Intense version. To my small suprise, I haven`t seen it mentioned much, and even the directory holds only one short review for it. (while the regular one has a great number of reviews)

    I wonder in which notes this Intense version is more concentrated..? Could it be more ambery, or something else..?

    All the information is respected.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    I am also curious to find out why there is an "Intense" version to begin with? It is already strong enough.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    Went to Paris last year. No one has ever heard of it or seen it or tried it. Must be a hoax. Does not exist.

    Let's face it: The original is gorgeous enough!

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    It is not a hoax, actually. It existed.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    its probobly the same thing as new haarlem

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    I just sold a bottle recently. It is a pink liquid with an even stronger vanilla note. It is definitely not maple or coffee-like as is New Haarlem. Scentiments had it for sale.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    I think that the regular "Rochas Man" is enough by itself.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    Rochas Man Intense does exist, allright. It is available at StrawberryNet, and it`s not deadly expensive. I think I will go for it...

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    Sephora used to carry it. I always got it confused with the regular version.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    Rochas Man has amber,mocha,vanilla, notes while Rochas Man Intense is full of vanilla.
    The first thing that comes to my mind when i smell Rochas Man Intense is vanilla ice cream.
    Somewhat sweet but as a big fan of Givenchy PI i like this style of fragrances.

    PS:Yes,it exists and actually is a good fragrance.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    I think Rochas Man is powerful as is.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    I've just come back from Paris and I can confirm that Rochas Man Intense definitely does exist! It's easily available at all the Sephora branches and only comes in 50ml. In terms of the differences between the bottles, puzzling enough, there aren't any - even the base just states 'EDT' instead of 'Intense'! the only visible difference between the two is the colour of the juice - the normal version is clear and the intense version is pink.

    As for its performance, I still found it too soft on my skin (like the original) and wasn't impressed with its longevity. Based on this, I wouldn't say it's an EDP version - more like another EDT version but with the composition tinkered around a little. Yes, it's very creamy and could be compared to vanilla ice-cream. However, based on its softness and lack of longevity, I decided to give it a miss.

    Overall, you're not missing much...
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    Default Re: Rochas Man Intense

    Anyone know where to currently buy this online?

    I'm only finding "non-english" websites.

    Nevermind, I got lucky and just picked up a bottle of Rochas Man INTENSE on "" for $23 plus S&H

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