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    Default "Signature" scent (semi-longish post)

    It seems that most of us who come here have more than one or two bottles of fragrance kicking around - I know I do, which makes the concept of the "signature" scent a bit problematic.

    For years, I happily wore only Acqua di Parma - got the deo, the shaving cream, drank the Kool-Aid. Loved it! Everyone else loved it!

    Then about two years ago, I developed this strange smell disorder where everything smelled like cigarette smoke. I tracked it down to (egads!) the AdiP! Once I stopped using it, the smoke smell disappeared. There must be some note in there that just hits me the wrong way - I get the same sensation when I get a noseful of my mom's disgusting Red Door.

    Anyway, now I alternate fragrances. Most of the time, it's Paul Smith Extreme, but I'm becoming very partial to Carolina Herrera's 212 Men. But since joining Basenotes, I've acquired a few more bottles and samples - happily, mind you.

    I guess I like the idea of the signature scent, and I haven't quite decided on the new one.

    I'm curious to know how the other readers feel about signature scents, and how you go about using and or rotating your fragrance wardrobes.

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    Default Re: "Signature" scent (semi-longish post)

    Variety is the spice of life !

    I like to have a decent collection of fragrances to choose from - there are some fragrancres which are more suited to certain occasions and type of weather...and it also depends on mood.

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    Default Re: "Signature" scent (semi-longish post)

    No "signature" scent for me as I have so many, several of which could be a "signature". I like choosing different ones each day .

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