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    Smile Summer scents anyone?

    G'day all you fellow fragrance junkies. It is coming up to Summer in Australia and I am mournfully starting to pack away my heavy, spicy scents. I want to purchase a nice summer scent but I really don't know what is good at the moment. I went out 'clubbing' the other night, and there was someone there (I never tracked them down) who was wearing a lovely light 'aqua' scent that for once didn't smell like a man's aftershave. Don't get me wrong - I love the aquatic scents, but they aren't for me. I want to smell like a woman - but a flirty, summery one. Not smelling like I've borrowed my hubby's 'Cool Water' or similar.
    Do any of you lovely people out there have any suggestions? I actually don't mind J'Lo's Miami Glow but I am a bit scared of the heavy coconut smell. Is coconut a bad thing? - or should I embrace it and hit the beach!!
    Some 'lighter' IMO scents I don't mind are:
    Mont Blanc Dune Femme Presence' & Boss Woman. I am hopelessly ignorant of other scents that may fit the bill.

    Long Live Steve Irwin RIP

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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    I wore Norma Kamali Beach and Bond Fire Island all summer. Both of these are salty skin scents, with Beach having an aqueous note delivered by cucumber. I dislike watery notes and yet do not find the note offensive here. Fire Island is a very soapy tuberose scent with a "sweat"note from cumin. It is musky and fresh.

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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    How about Un Jardin en Mediterranee by Hermes? I also love the limited edition Paris Roses fragrances by Yves Saint Laurent, there are four or five of them. Acqua di Gio for Women by Armani has sweet peas and fresh ocean air, I like that one on occasion. It gets so hot where I live, I usually live in citrus in the summer. Another favorite is called Cielo by Flora Napa Valley with figs, honeysuckle and citrus.

    You can check out, they'll ship samples to Australia, L'Occitane also has stores there (you can see what they offer at I love that line any time of year and lived in Verbena Harvest all last summer. It's very fresh, like lemonade with roses and geranium.

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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    I used to consider Fresh Index Cucumber Baie my go-to scent for hot weather ... that is until I met Carthusia Io, which I'm wearing today because this is the last warm, sunny day we're expecting way up here in the northern hemisphere.

    Cucumber Baie--top: watermelon, grapefruit, galbanum; heart: lily, marine notes, cucumber pulp; base: oakmoss, berry musk, velvet amber

    Io Capri--Tea and fig, with a hint of mint at the opening.
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    I caught the Cucumber Baie bug from Quarry, and I also wore the Spring Paris ''Paris Premeires Roses." I have other Spring ones, but that's my fav.
    But far, far, FAR more I wore kai perfume oil and lotion. I lived it for days. It has a cucumber top note that keeps it fresh and green. The EDP kai knocked me over with cloying sillage (perhaps I was heavy handed) and lacked the special moist creamy sense that makes the oil oh so worth the money. The lotion(cream) is also wonderful and absolutely true to scent.
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    Thumbs up Re: Summer scents anyone?

    I have a new favorit for summer, and I can't live without it:
    Miss Rochaille by Caron

    Very refreshing and feminine, easy to wear. When wether is really hot, that's the only one I can wear. Beautiful

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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    Hello Gumoosh

    For some reason I really loved the way Hypnose smelled on me in the summer. It somehow cooled me off too (a HUGE bonus of course). But now that it's getting crisp and cool here again, I am staring to turn to warmer and spicier fragrances I've missed all summer long. And Hypnose just does not cut it for this cold.

    Enjoy the summer
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

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    Default Re: Summer scents anyone?

    my one and only summer perfume ...Fleurs d 'Oranger by Serge Lutens!!

    I m still holding on to summer or now indian summer as I ve been wearing it a lot these days. on me it 'so beautiful, heady jasmine, sexy orange blossom, creamy tuberose hmmmm!

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