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    Lightbulb Can someone please explain

    Info :- I run my own market stall and internet site selling perfume I sell branded perfumes some hard to find as my stockests are all importers , I sell tester bottles ( heres the bit I am getting at ) I also sell perfume copies aswell (good quality ) copies , my own perfume collection consists of mostly branded but I proudly have a few good copies in there also and am not shamed to tell anyone that asks that they are a perfume copy. But most people reply that they only wear the real deal not copies mentioning gucci, Dior Chanel, AVON, Clinique and Van cleef !!!!! Back a bit ! yes now can someone please explain Avon perfumes if they are not a copy of high street branded perfumes then I must be a monkeys left thingy (my opinion) why are people quite happy to pay rather a lot of money for Avon fragrances that last no better than a good quality shamless copie or am I just the only person on the planet to have noticed the similarity

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    Are they shameless copies? Or are they just inspired by the works of other artists, with something of their own added to make a new creation?

    Also, does Avon use their own name and reputation to sell their fragrances, which they spent years and millions of dollars, not to mention hard work, to build? Or are they riding off someone else's, like dupe makers do? Which ones are copies by Avon? I'm not partial to this line, but I'd like to check it out to see for myself, thanks!
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    Blue rush is a dead ringer for cool water and the perfumes are all in avon names

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    Default Re: Can someone please explain

    Well, I believe you that they might smell similar, since I can't compare, but they don't have the same notes.

    Blue Rush for Her - A splash of wet amaryllis and blue freesia with sun-drenched musk and aquatic woods.

    Cool Water for Her - This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, pineapple, and woody notes. Accompanied by the scent of the pure ocean air.

    Blue Rush for Him - A surge of ocean mist, lush greens and exotic woods.

    Cool Water for Him - Fresh and crisp with notes of lavender, menthe, iris and musk.

    There are several aquatic fragrances floating around, it was a popular style for a while, still is. That doesn't mean they are exact copies of each other, relying on the names of others to sell their products, which was my point. Not sure I understand what yours was, maybe someone else can help you. If you want to know if I would buy any dupes, no.

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