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Thread: bed scents

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    Default bed scents

    Marilyn Monroe sold millions of dollars worth of perfume when an inquisitive reporter asked her, "What do you wear to bed," and she replied (do the breathy voice), "Chanel no. 5!"

    But what I'm asking about is not what you wear to bed to be sexy, but, rather (those other nights!), to chill out and fall asleep.

    Since I've gotten interested in frags, I've noticed that sometimes I like to dab something on the back of my hand just before going to bed, to have something relaxing to smell as I'm falling asleep or if I wake back up briefly during the night.

    "I thought I was the only one" until I noticed a few mentions in recent bn postings about "comfort scents" and so on.

    I also notice that the things I'll dab on at bedtime tend NOT to be scents I actually like to wear, but stuff I otherwise think of as "not me" -- so far, two of my favorite "bed scents" are Fresh Index Patchouli and (recommended by a friend) Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica.

    Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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    Default Re: bed scents

    Eau Lente by Dyptique... something about it's spice and vanilla comes off as slightly minty... its an elixer that calms me in an instant... I could see myself falling asleep with this fragrance nuzzled next to my head on a soft pillow.


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    Default Re: bed scents

    Two that work for me are Jicky and Ambre Narguile.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I fell in love with Gaultier 2 when it came out, and bought it. Now, I only use it as my bed scent, sometimes along with Bourbon Vanilla from Yves Rocher.
    I enjoy sweet scents for bed time, so Pure Purple (Boss), with notes of marzipan, I also find nice and comfy to sniff.
    Pure lavender scents are good for relaxation, for example Lavande by Fragonard, or Yardley`s English Lavender.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    Burberry Brit edp, Jicky, Liz Claiborne's Spark and Ava Luxe's 2 frags called Milk and Love's True Bluish Light are my night time cozy scents. Apres L'Ondee is also something I love to smell at's not cozy per se but it is comforting.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    Dzing!, Tea for Two, Gucci pour Homme, M7 (Fresh).

    Those are all good ones for. I just did Dzing! the other night and it was splendid!

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I really like the initial scent of Azzaro Pure Lavende. But it dries down to something pretty funky. It's available once every couple months @ Marshall's for only $16.99 for 2.5oz. I'm thinking about buying this next time I see it, & using it as a bed scent. Maybe I'll just spray it on my sheets instead of my skin.
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    Default Re: bed scents

    In an ironic twist my favorite bed scent is Cumming. Really.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    LOL oolong, that's hilarious. Yes, an ironic twist!
    Thanks everybody for all the good suggestions -- I look forward to trying a lot of them -- I'm especially interested to notice that while some of us seem to favor "beddie-bye"-type, relaxant scents like lavender and sweets, some others of us have been tucking ourselves in with some pretty complexly yummy smells -- from Jicky and Apres l'ondee to Dzing! How frag-hounds keep life exciting, even while going to sleep!

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    Default Re: bed scents

    m7 fresh is too invigorating for me to sleep with. body kouros does wonders (that incence) and the first time i tried M7 i was tired from a night out. it put me to sleep at my desk at work.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I often spray a frag before I go to bed. In 99 of 100 cases I do so to relax. My choices so far are:

    Tam Dao (sandalwood and incense)
    Lavender frags (Jicky, Pour un homme, Caldey´s Island Lavender, Alegoria Lavande Velours, Royal Scottish Lavender)

    In case I´d have to face a stormy night between the sheets I would wear the porn star´s choice:

    Musks Kublai Kähn

    Guerlain: Après L´ondée - Chanel: Cuir de Russie - Dior: Dior Homme - Divine: L´homme de coeur - Caron: Le 3me homme

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I'm picking up an incense note in these most recent additions to the list -- smoking in bed!

    costello, for that stormy night, aren't you gonna layer that Muscs Koublai Khan with Musc Ravageur, for the full effect?

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I wear scents to bed that I wouldn't wear otherwise - Mitsouko (actually, after a few nights of this, I've taken to wearing it at the office - I went from being perturbed by the spiciness of it to loving it) and (don't laugh) Beyond Paradise, which is sweet and light and cheerful enough to make me feel perfectly comfortable before sleeping. I also spray Lolita Lempicka on my pillow, because it smells great there, whereas on my skin it turns into a licorice-frosted sugar bomb.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    If I were an exotic dark-skinned woman I would wear YSL's Opium everywhere. But, since I am a "run of the mill" white boy, I only wear it at home. Admittedly, it is an odd choice for "sleep wear" given it's heady nature but, on some winter nights, it's just what the sand man orders.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    And here was I thinking I was a bit odd for doing this... I actually began spraying a little New Haarlem before bed because I realised that I could easily create an association between bedtime and a particular smell, and it helps me sleep better.

    Sometimes I kinda wish I'd done it with something a little cheaper, though

    But mmm that smell.

    (also oolong, you made me laugh hard enough to scare the cat)

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    Default Re: bed scents

    Being the perfume addict I am, I actually have a small collection of perfumes (for both cold and warm weather) that I favour when going to bed.

    My current favourite is Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars.

    Having read this thread I am now seriously considering trying YSL Body Kouros and C&E Nadira to see if they can be promoted to my bed time perfume wardrobe.

    Favourite (Winter) Crazy Combos

    Tabu + Orange Blossom * Hermes Rouge + Bellodgia* Voleur du Roses+ Rose Ispahan * Rasa Extreme + Paris * Wood Coffee + Cafe Noir *

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    Talking Re: bed scents

    Maybe I'm a little strange, but If I am sleeping alone, husbands snores, I like to put on three or four because I will listen to my Ipod for an hour or so and I can smell back and forth. You know, one wrist, another wrist, neck, in the bend of the arm. I especially like to try scents I have just bought. Anyway, I do have a sniffing good time every night. I will now try the pillow and sheets.

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    Default Re: bed scents

    I love using bed scents, I do it just for the pleasure of it, because I love my fragrances. I normally fall asleep the minute I lie down, so this is probably not a very rational thing to do... anyway, these are the ones I've been finding suitable as bed scents lately:
    L'Occitane Amber
    Etro Etra
    Cacharel Amor Amor
    Trussardi Skin
    FM Lipstick Rose
    Art of Perfumery 5
    Just Cavalli
    Givenchy Hot Couture

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