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    Default Own Timbuktu; buy L'Artisan Vetiver?

    The title more or less says it. I've sampled the Vetiver a couple of times and have had it on my list for a while. More recently, since my last chance to smell the Vetiver, I've picked up Timbuktu. I find quite a bit of vetiver in Timbuktu, and think there is likely some overlap with the sharp vetiver in L'A Vetiver. Unfortunately, there is no easy opportunity for me to resample L'A Vetiver, but my best recollection is that it is a very sharp and distinctive vetiver that evolves quite a bit on my skin. I'm hoping it would not be overly redundant with Timbuktu.

    Those of you who know both fragrances, what are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Own Timbuktu; buy L'Artisan Vetiver?

    Hey, Tuner,
    Good question. I own both and like both for different reasons. I like vetiver in everything, so I like Timbuktu, but it's used in a different category in the house's straight Vetiver. In the later it appeals more to the grassy side of vetiver than the woody (which is the Timbuktu route I think).

    It's a true judgment call to decide if both are necessary. Being the complete-ist that I am I needed both. I don't think they overlap, and I think each day you wear one of them you'll feel different from the days you wore the other one.

    I think they're both very fine scents so I say get them both, but I hate to tell a brother scentophile to drop another C-note.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Own Timbuktu; buy L'Artisan Vetiver?

    Thanks, Chris, for confirming my expectation. I just ordered a bottle, and it turns out this may have been an opportune time to ask the question (see next post).

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