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    Hi guys,
    sorry, I'm sure you get these sort of messages all the time.. but I'm really puzzled. I'm a newbie when it comes to fragrances and am looking for something nice. I'm 15. I am completely open minded to any fragrances, so I really don't know what to choose.. spent many a long hour trying to find something thru basenotes directory, but still I am puzzled with so many choices. I'm thinking of trying Amen - Thierry Muggler.. any other suggestions?

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    Hey taika, Welcome to Basenotes!!

    Hm, anything you have in mind and what uses do you hope to have the fragrance for? I suggest you go to Sephora where you can test a bunch. Although unique and yummy, Amen might be a tad eccentric for everyday use. Perhaps you will like something softer for daily wear. Maybe try out Chanel Allure Homme or Allure Homme Sport at Sephora?

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    Thanks for your advise. Really just want a fragrance that smells nice, no particular reason other than that. haha. Thanks for the info on Amen. I had a postcard sample of Boss Selection which I thought smelt nice (although I haven't smelt many fragrances to make a comparision), but I don't really know about that 1...
    I live in the UK and have never heard of Sephora, so I 'm not too sure they have it here.

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    I agree w/ ChrisW. The best thing to do is go & sniff out various frags. Sephora is best for someone just starting out, because they offer a free little booklet in the fragrance section, regarding their various frags & how they are classified. Don't sample TOO many fragrances at once, though, or your nose will become fatigued & nothing will smell good.

    Good luck in your search, & let us know what you find!
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Ok hopefully I can find some place similar close to me? If it helps anyone I am from a mixed background, quite tanned, thinking maybe an oriental fragrance would suit me? If anyone has smelt the deodrant Lynx Africa, I like that but am looking for something a little different...

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