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    Default Ambergris lovers...

    ...check this out. I already have my bottle on the way.

    Oriscent IMO, has some of the highest quality attars/oils you will find anywhere.
    Their ouds are without a doubt some of the best available.

    I own their Oud Royale and Aloeswood Attar and they are both outstanding.
    Words cannot describe how amazing Oud Royale is.

    Just thought i would let everyone know because it will probably only be available for a limited time.

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    Default Re: Ambergris lovers...

    Montale vs. Oriscent.

    Oud win ?

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    Default Re: Ambergris lovers...

    Hi Jeff

    That price is rather high. This perfumer in Italy has it much cheaper, and his quality is excellent: No commercial interest on my part, etc...
    16ml for 57Euros He also has other animal tinctures.
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    Default Re: Ambergris lovers...

    I am an ambergris fan as well, and ordered mine the same day I received the email from Oriscent. You've never smelled oud until you smell theirs. Unlike anything on the planet.

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    Default Re: Ambergris lovers...

    But 3ml? Not many perfumes cost $350 (Oud Royale) for that amount... I can get some Diorissimo in perfume concentration in 15ml bottles for 1/3 of that cost. But the tuberose, sandalwood and a few others were more "reasonable" priced. Oh boy, and I thought the 6ml bottles from Jalaine had outrageous price tags...

    Well, the site is bookmarked.

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    Thumbs up Re: Ambergris lovers...

    I just mailed my Ambergris back to Oriscent. It just wasn't for me. Still, I like their Aloeswood, Sandalwood, and especially the Wild Amber oils and can't recommend them enough.
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    Default Re: Ambergris lovers...

    Ambergris is a rare ingredient indeed..... People have made fortunes on Ambergris they found on the beach washed up by the waves.
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