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    Default How does TM Cologne rate in longevity & Sillage departments?

    I tried this today.I absolutely love the smell.Its what i look for in a frag...originality...nothing like it that ive tried and ive tried lots.It lasted long on me,but didnt project itself.To me it doesnt have great sillage.
    What are your guys thoughts on this frag?

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    Default Re: How does TM Cologne rate in longevity & Sillage departments?

    Some fragrances you just take to and buy even though not all aspects of their construction are perfect and TMC is one of those. I so adore the fragrance notes that it does not matter to me that this one won't' last the whole day. It is what it is and I don't want to fault it because it doen'st have all the qualities that some others have. Sometimes, its lack of projection after the first 2 hours actually makes it a good thing at certain times.

    That said, TMC is one of the fragrances in my collection that I get the most comments on. It is a very widely acceptable scent and it is one of those scents that is easy to find and yet not one you run into a lot on people you share the elevator with.

    Since you say you 'absolutely love the smell' I say get it and let sillage and projection be damned. Fragrance and its joys are for YOU too!

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    Default Re: How does TM Cologne rate in longevity & Sillage departments?

    I was surprised after reading how many people had longevity and silage problems with TMC that it lasted over 7 hours on me and I had people telling me that I had on "a lot of cologne" when I only applied maybe 3 or 4 spritzes. I guess it's my skin type.
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    Default Re: How does TM Cologne rate in longevity & Sillage departments?

    One of my favorites, & my SOTD . This stuff really stays & projects more than one may think. One time I wore 4 spritzes of it for an interview for a promotion. I put the cologne on @ around 9, & the interview was @ 3. About a half hour before the interview I went to the ladies room to freshen up a bit. As I was going back to my desk a friend of mine stopped me in the hall & said that I smelled really good & asked me what it was. As we ended the conversation I turned to go back to my desk & I noticed she was following me, even though her desk was in the opposite direction. She noticed she had been following me & started laughing at herself & she said "It must be because you smell so damn good, that I want to follow you around now."

    Now THAT'S a compliment!
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