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    Default Black Nail Polish

    Since Chanel brought out their Black Satin polish, which sold out in a blink and now goes for mad prices on ebay. Black polish is really the big trend.

    So would you go black or is it too goth for you?

    Have to say I really like the look with a top coat you get the black glass look.
    I didn't buy the Chanel but OPI Black Onyx,cheap on ebay of course!! LOL
    So far I have only done toe nails, but I have seen women with short nails and black polish looks very classic actually!

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I've been wearing black nail polish since I was fifteen... my first nail polish was Cutex Jet Black!

    I like the short-black-nails look, always have.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I wore black polish back a long time ago ... I have really short nails and I'm thinking of giving it a try again. I'm not going to buy the Chanel brand, though ... and I'm liking the black that has a bit of shimmer to it.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I have a good tip: first black nail polish, then any nacre shade on top, as thin layer as possible. The impression is still black but when the light hits your nails, there's a lovely glimmer.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    to me black nail polish = french manicure for other women.

    it's my signature polish specially on my short nails.

    to spice it up add a layer of platinum or silver colored polish on top.

    amazing effect.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    funny how the black polish look got trendy but there's women who have been doing it forever. i love the look. used to do it as a teenager, doing it again now but going for variation on the black: black with a lighter final layer (silver or irridescent), very dark wine color, dark dark blue. I look at all the colors to see what I like, then choose.

    I agree short dark nails looks very chic. In fact today I got mine done with Opi's "Lincoln Park After Dark"
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I love black polish on short nails. I wear my nails very short and as I have pale skin I think the dark dramatic colors, including black, look best, especially as I have rather squarish shaped hands with long fingers. Dainty colors don't always set them off to best advantage. I love some of the ideas for a shimmery coat on top of the black. Festive for the holidays.

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    Talking Re: Black Nail Polish

    LOL. I have always liked wearing dark burgundy, navy or black nail lacquer because I can never grow my nails long! Also i have pale skin and the contrast looks good, i think. very dramatic and striking, which is the look i am drawn too i guess. I have been told i should wear pastels, but i feel more myself in deeper colors. I just like showing my dark/sexy side. All the trendy fashion obsessed people i knew thought the dark nail colors were gross, goth, tacky, or only for freaks. But now i am sure all those people are wearing it!!!

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I bought OPI Black Onyx but didn't like it at all. It went on looking semi transparent and took forever to dry. Didn't look good more than a few hours after application. I happened to win a bottle of Chanel Black Satin and wow, that's a good nail polish! Looks perfect after one application and lasts forever with a top coat.

    Try OPI Lincon Park after Dark wich is a gorgeous dark wine-plum colour, looks almost black but a little less goth. Strangely this colour dries fast and lasts for ages

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    you wear what feels good. black nails done right are hard to beat on the right hands.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I never have cared for dark nails on me or other people. I've always thought it was distracting and detracted from a person's face. I like a bright red with red lipstick though, and I think a black satin on short nails would be very good with a face very natural except for a lipgloss, three coats of mascara and liner. I have to say I only am attracted to the satin/matte black nail concept. It seems enough contrast without the shine......unless I had a black patent leather head band.
    Dear God, I really think like this. That a person's appearance is a bit like composing a painting, there should be a focal point-the face, IMO, and interesting accents for the eye to follow pleasantly, but always echoing back to the face. That's my gripe with too much cleavage, it's all people can look at, and there's not a woman in the world without something better to offer.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    Lincoln Park After Dark is gorgeous. It also has a great lacqeur look to it. Looks black from afar but the red shows up close.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I haven't tried black, but I think it's a good idea. I like deep purple with lots of glitter, stars, moons etc.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I am wearing Lincoln Park after Dark on my toes
    It is as good as Chanel's "Vamp" in 1994!

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I’ve been doing black polish since I was in my teens, and well, I turn 40 this year. I have a lot of very dark polishes. Face Stockholm is my favourite black black – it is still nice and runny after several years and I only need two coats. I also have a Boots No 7 polish (no longer made, sadly) called Black Tulip, which is black shot through with iridescent midnight blue and a hint of gold; a L’Oreal black with glitter, and Chanel Ciel de Nuit, which came out not long after Rouge Noir/Vamp, and is a deep midnight blue with very fine blue and silver glitter in it.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    Quote Originally Posted by TDDanae
    I haven't tried black, but I think it's a good idea. I like deep purple with lots of glitter, stars, moons etc.
    LOL! Me too! If I ever go, definately the manicure of choice---perhaps with purple streaks in my hair, and dangle earrings of ten gold stars!
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I like the short-black-nails look too,
    but hubby thinks it's too goth.
    So I wear dark purple, dark burgundy
    and brown. He loves those, even though
    they look black
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I think they are nice with the new shorter lengths; long ones look like Addams family, IMHO. That being said, as a tax accountant, I couldn't imagine wearing black nail to work.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    Totally going to try it the idea of layering black with other colors, thanks!

    I love that Chanel is trying to bring black nail polish into the mainstream. Unfortunately, it seems wrong with my light-olive skin tone unless it's with The Perfect Outfit for it. I mostly go for black-reds instead.

    Skin tones that I think it looks best on are either really pale or rather dark. Plus, you've got to have panache to pull it off.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I have worn black nail polish since I was a teenager. I think it can be very elegant. Also if its topped with a thin layer of burgundy with some sparklies in it, it looks very festive! I also enjoy a French manicure type application of another color such as silver or gold along the top. Try adding some glitter over that part for a pretty look.
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I've been wearing Chanel's Blue Satin, which looks black at first glance but is really a super dark blue. When I want black, I wear Chanel's Ceramique Noir, which has a bit of shimmer to it. I only do my toenails though, since painted nails on guys still don't fly, even in the cosmetics industry.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I just can't get into black polish...on me or on never looks "right" to me! Maybe I'm too old fashioned, or simply despise dirty fingernails!!! I do like dark (not black) polish on the OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark...very fun & trendy!

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    Black nail polish always comes out looking either ghoulish and/or affected in a "sullen Goth kid" kind of way (think Winona Ryder 20 years ago at the beginning of "Beetlejuice") -- avoid this look at all costs.

    As for this Chanel shade, I dunno -- how black does it look when dried?
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    i don't like Black... but i like the new Chanel Blue Satin hahaha. it's dark, without being all out BLACK.

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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    Just got OPI Midnight in Moscow, a great almost-black with a reddish shimmer that shows only in bright light. Love it!
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    Default Re: Black Nail Polish

    I used OPI Onyx for about three weeks, then I quit. I got the "omg, you're a goth" reaction one too many times.

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