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    Question Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    I am getting this one at a local chemist for just 15bucks..I love the guerlain vetiver. You think this one deserves to be in my arsenal as well?

    I just should NOT buy this purely because it costs so less but IS IT ANY GOOD?
    COuld not find a lot of reviews in the directory here.

    Longevity is important. Does this have any?

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    Default Re: Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    Will let you know next weekend. Just auctioned it for 20 $ because I love the rest of my vintage Vetyver (some here say that was better though!).
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    Default Re: Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    It's the least vetivery scent with "vetyver" written on the bottle that I've ever come across. That said, it's as good a quality and as long lasting as other Lanvin's like Lanvin L'Homme and Oxygene - nothing wrong in that department.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    Lanvin's Vetyver is VERY subtle (some might say WAY too subtle because you have to bathe in this stuff to smell it all).
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    Default Re: Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    Lanvin Vetyver is the only vetiver scent that I actually like aside from Creed's OV. I find Guerlain's Vetiver too earthy and dry as I do other vetiver scents. However, just as Renato pointed out, the vetiver note in Lanvin is not very noticeable. It's there but it stays in the background rather than taking center stage.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Vetyver for US $15!!!

    Lanvin's Vetiver is a very good vetiver, but it's light and uncomplicated, more of and airy-grassy vetiver than a yellow-brownish or clear-musky earthy vetiver. I think i will write a longer review of it eventually. this is a good buy.

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