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    Default Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    I recently located Chanel No. 19 in an out-of-the-way shop in NYC. They carry both the EDP and the EDT. I plan to buy it for my mother's birthday. Which concentration gives better scent? Bois de Jasmin recommends the EDT or the pure parfum, but I thought I'd ask around and get a variety of opinions.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    I had hoped that someone would answer here, because I am interested, too. Also, include Parfum in the comparison. I have EDT. It is all I have ever smelled, and I love it, but I wonder...

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    for many the edt seems to be the preferred concentration of the three. it's sharper, livelier, greener than the edp which is more floral and lacks the dynamic interplay between notes. supposedly the parfum is similar in overall character to the edt.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    Let me throw another thing on the table, in favour of the EDT:

    the EDP is a tad sour and stale, to my nose at least. I had adverse associatiaons everytime I smelled the EDP at counters, until I bought the EDT. From that point onwards it became one of my favourite scents.
    The iris and leather along with the powder are more pronounced in this concentration.
    The parfum is also a good choice (assuming she likes the scent of #19) and yes, it's closer to EDT, curiously.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    Get The Perfume!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    My daughter might be going to Europe. Does anyone know the price in Euros for the various sizes of parfum flacon: 7.5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 56 ml.? Or spray?

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 19 - EDP or EDT?

    Thank you, everyone, for answering... I finally decided that, since I had already sampled the EDP, the only way to really compare was to buy the EDT for myself (I know, strange logic) and THEN decide which concentration to give as a gift. The EDT really is much sharper, with a lot more personality, but I don't know that the person I'm buying for would appreciate that... aside from a few classic Chanels, she also likes SJP Lovely (which smells like pure lemon juice to me), so I know she can handle scents that aren't sweet at all, but I think a more subdued scent might be better for her personality.

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