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    Default Hm, some more advice :D

    hey hey!

    some of you may remember me, I was here a few months ago, and asked for advice etc

    I bought guerlain's vetiver and davidoff's coolwater.

    anyway, i have this one scent called Khas. Its -very- famous in the middleeast and pakistan/india. Does anyone know of anything similar in the western world? Its an extract of a tree, i think. It isnt mixed or anything (Khas that is). I have a small bottle, i live in sydney australia. I would be willing to post it to anywhere in australia if someone could tell me something which is similar to it.

    I'd prefer if someone knew what it was though.

    and another question:
    Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole (2004)
    i have a friend buying that, but the reviews dont seem to be v favourable. cacn someone recommend something that is similar, but will last longer?

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    Default Re: Hm, some more advice :D

    Hey, Guardian, welcome back!

    A little googling reveals that "Khas" appears to be the Urdu word for "vetiver."
    It's "Khas khas" in Gujarati and "Khus khus" in Hindi.

    Vetiver's a grass note which is found in lots and lots of western fragrances -- including Guerlain's Vetiver, one of the most discussed frags on these boards. Some other personal faves of mine are Vettiveru by comme des garcons, Vetiver extraordinaire by Frederick Malle / editions de parfum, and Vetyver oriental by Serge Lutens.

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    Default Re: Hm, some more advice :D

    I just noticed that you already have Vetiver by Guerlain -- you can do a fast comparison sniff!

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    Default Re: Hm, some more advice :D

    some coincidences never fail to amaze me

    imagine that, i love khas, and i bought guerlains vetiver

    hm ok, the thing is, Khas (the scent i have) is actually like, pure, unmixed, vetiver. the natural extract. its very different to vetiver, which is light and smells clean'ish (at least to me). Khas is so much richer, and greener, and like, deep. dunno how to describe it, but its like, deep.

    has anyone heard of oud? it may be agarwood. <-- what do you think of this site?

    and does anyone know where I could get pure vetiver or sandalwood extracts?

    and btw,
    Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole (2004)
    still need something similar to that =D
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    Default Re: Hm, some more advice :D

    Reaction is actually one of my favorites, & on me it lasts longer than some. I can even wear it to smokey bars & still get compliments. I really love it.
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: Hm, some more advice :D

    Kenneth Cole Signature smells like a spicier and woodier Reaction and also seems to last longer

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