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    Default Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    Last week I bought a deodorant and the SA dropped these 2 samples into the bag. I don't know if she chose them intentionally or picked them by random - these are the type of scents I avoid. I believe very few people wear them as well, as theres no post of it here - so I am adding it for reference sake.

    Sexual pour homme by Michel Germain - I thought this is one of those pheromones scent, on the paper attached to the sample - it says 'Infused with ancient aphrodisiacs.' Googling around I found out they are just notes that ancient cultures used as aphrodisiacs.

    Its quite a surprise, I thought it will smell like M7 or Obsession. It actually smells fresh - theres a green freshness like Cool water or Eternity. Then when it drysdown, it becomes woody and musky. If you combine Eternity with Allure, you get Sexual. If Michael for men by Michael Kors is your thing, then you will most likely enjoy this one.

    Its not bad, but not quite what I expected. Its not sexual to me, smells more like a hotel's bathroom.

    Gant's adventure begins with a fresh accord that smells like my Glade spray. Then, it morph into KC's Signature, or was it Trussardi's Python? Its like both I think. Not as good as Python but definately above Signature. I don't know what notes it has, Honeysuckle is very strong - smells synthetic though.

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    Default Re: Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    Your assessment is pretty much the same as mine. I wasn't taken with Gant Adventure, but was very impressed with Sexual - shame about the name.

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    Default Re: Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    I had a sample of Sexual once and though it was nice, it would become very cloying to me. That was several years ago, I should try this one out again.

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    Default Re: Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    I picked up a little decant of it and it is my SOTD. It remind me of allure but less sweeter.

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    Default Re: Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    Yeah, Sexual ph is on my short list to get. Very nice and different.
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    Default Re: Sexual pour homme and Gant Adventure

    Tried Sexual again just now... the fresh green topnotes + woody base somehow reminds me of 212 to me. Its like 212 with cognac - if that makes any sense?

    The ancient aphrodisiac they used are not some obscure herbs or spice - its Ginger, Jasmine and Cinnamon. Any perfume on the market can claimed to be 'infused with ancient aphrodisiac' I guess... ;(

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