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    Default Don't think i'm crazy: Ungaro III and Varvatos similiar?

    I was expecting something along the lines of VdR or maybe no. 88 from Ungaro III. Got a sample today and the stuff is FRUITY. The first thing that came to mind was John Varvatos. Right now i'm doing a side-side, and they are indeed pretty similiar. JV is a little creamier, but still. Ungaro III was supposed to be GOTHIC! Nuh uh! Is not!

    I mean I actually like it a lot. It has that fruityness without the cloying sweetness of JV. It's just not what I was expecting.

    EDIT: OK i'll do a half retraction. Both scents were in their early heart notes when I wrote that. Since then, they have diverged completely. I'm still astounded at the opening similiarities though.
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    Default Re: Don't think i'm crazy: Ungaro III and Varvatos similiar?

    I don't find any similarities at all, but then again I find Zino as a more wearable VdR.
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