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    Default Field-trip to Marshall's

    Well, there is a huge field with weeds in front of it.... Nothing really new in the fragrance corner:
    -- Brittney Spears Curious and Fantasy (amazingly it is advertized as new at CVS this same week);
    -- Jil Sander #4 EdP 100ml/19.99 (cheeeaaaap! it was the same price for 30ml last time I checked);
    -- Perry Ellis 360 Degrees Black EdT 50ml/19.99 (also positioned as new at a local Perfumania store);
    -- Tommy Hilfiger True Star EdT 50ml/24.99;
    -- CD Pure Poison EdT 3x15ml/29.99 (last time it was one 50ml bottle);
    -- Adrienne Vitadini AV 50ml/19.99.

    Bath and Body section was delightful, though:
    -- Gucci Envy and Envy Me Body Lotion 200ml/12.99;
    -- Demeter Fragrance Library -- Orange Creamsicle, Salt Air, Cucumber-Cypress and a few more -- 4oz./19.99;
    -- Caswell-Massey Sweet Almond-Aloe body splash 1oz/4.99;
    -- Asquith & Somerset Vanilla bath gel;
    -- Heathcoke & Ivory Magnolia and Peony EdT 100ml/5.99;
    -- Claire Burke room sprays in Lavender and Gardenia -- 4.99.

    Bought Ungaro Desnuda 40ml/9.99 for a friend and Gucci Envy body lotion.
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    Default Re: Field-trip to Marshall's

    Mine had a whole heck of a lot of Poeme, for $39.99. And a few stray bottles of Curve Something or Other. The bath and body section is a battlefield of hastily torn open packages and creams with scoops of product missing. If you find any Bare Escentuals Set Sail gift sets, they were selling for a huge markup on eBay recently.

    I bought a pair of black leggings.

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