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    Default New: Beyond Paradise Blue.

    Estée Lauder doesn't stop launching flankers... the newest is Beyond Paradise Blue.

    More info:

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    Default Re: New: Beyond Paradise Blue.

    The notes in this sound awesome. I cant wait to try it. Also, if i tell people i am wearing "Beyond Paradise Blue" they will probably think i am wearing a mens scent as opposed to saying "Beyond Paradise PINK!!!!!!!" LOL

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    Default Re: New: Beyond Paradise Blue.

    I actually saw Beyond Paradise Blue at the Estee Lauder counters at both Macy's and Von Maur here over the past week or so.

    I thought that it was a decent scent, but the SA thought that it should have launched in the summer due to its watery nature.
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    Default Re: New: Beyond Paradise Blue.

    I posted about it -notes included- over at the missing frags forum a while ago, it was put on the no longer missing frags but it's not on the directory, i thought it was strange...another proof that nobody reads my posts ...

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    Default Re: New: Beyond Paradise Blue.

    I tried Paradise Blue today and i thought it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!! WAAAYYYY better than the original. A waterey, humid, fruity floral. Maybe a little similiar to michael kors Island but i think i like Blue better because it is fresher and crisper. Definitely full bottle worthy soon.

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