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    Default new niche with huge bellybutton

    The same kind friend who passed on news / rumor of Lutens and ouds also brought back scent strips from newly opened Paris niche house Etat Libre d'Orange, which has already attracted a lot of attention in the press with its new line of unisex scents with edgy names and advertising.

    Reading about the new house, it seemed at first like it might be a Paris version of CB I hate perfume, with some nice-sounding combo scents (sort of Double Demeters): a tobacco scent called Jasmine and Cigarette and another called Incense and Bubblegum.

    Other scent names and ads guaranteed to attract attention: "Putain des Palaces" / "Whores from Palaces" ("rose absolute, violet, leather, lily of the valley, mandarine, ginger, rice powder, amber, animalic notes") and "Secretions Magnifiques" (a goth-y list of ingreds including "adrenaline, blood and milk accords," with a little coconut -- I guess to take the edge off!).

    The logo / ad for this "Secretions Magnifiques" shows a spirting dong mit balls. If this one's really supposed to smell "like that," Cumming of course has them beat, as another thread here was just saying....

    Even in their somewhat faded glory, some of the scent strips smell more interesting than I expected them to. For one thing, those "Putains" smell pretty good; bners who favor rose notes may be interested.

    "Je Suis un Homme" (bergamot, orange bigarade, citron, myrtle, cinnamon, clove, cognac, leather, patchouli, and animalic notes) also smells like something I'd like to get a sample of.

    No word yet on how or when this line may become available in the States.

    I have a scent strip of their latest release, "Nombril Immense" ("Huge Bellybutton"), but I can't really tell what it smells like -- first impression: fuzzy!

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    Default Re: new niche with huge bellybutton

    Wow the names sound like something out of Erik Satie.

    incense and bubblegum hmmm I don't know, but, really I don't care. that's a "wow" it can't be any worse than gris clair

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    Default Re: new niche with huge bellybutton

    Sorry but it just sounds like a cheap advertising gimmick to me. It sounds in very bad taste.
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