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Thread: Refillables?

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    Default Refillables?

    Some fragrances are advertized having refillable bottles. My question is - where does one buy refills, and what kind of container do those come in? How do they compare in price? Would the same item as a tester also be refillable?
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    Default Re: Refillables?

    I've wondered about this as well. There are also "rechargeable" frags. I could see it working for something they sell in massive sizes (4711) and especially for splash bottles, but not so sure otherwise...
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    Refillables, such as Angel, are frags that you can pay for more juice rather than a new bottle of it. The bottle is just a bottle, nothing different, as far as I know, but you can remove the atomizer. There are fill stations. I think caretain department stores will fill them for you. I've never done it but I've heard peole talk about it.

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    Refillables are actually not very common among designer scents since they don't seem to care that much about 'sticking to one fragrance'. I think they rather see you just buying a new bottle or even better, their latest release.

    However, with some niche brands such as Annick Goutal, refills are usually larger bottles (around 125 ml or even way more), that are shaped different than the 'original' bottle, and usually have no spray attached. They're just splash bottles that are supposed to be decanted into the spray bottle.

    Basically the juice in these refill bottles is better value, but they're not always available for every fragrance.
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    Probably worth getting onto the sites that sell testers and damaged packaging. That way if you have a bottle you like and can re-use, you can top it up with those.

    Problem is, most sprays cant be refilled to their natural bottle without damage, meaning even if you did get the lid off you will end up with a leaky bottle very soon indeed.

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    DO you know of any good sites that sell damaged packageing and testers?
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