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    Anyone here uses Dr Hauschka skincare products? It believes in using organic ingredients. I'm thinking of getting the Normalizing Oil and Rejunvenating Mask.

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    I use the facial wash and the rose cream, my wife a whole lot more. It's as good as cosmetics can get and not expensive in relation the overpriced trash by many conventional producers. In any event I would get a little sample pack for starters, just to make sure you like the texture and smell of what you're going to buy. I've been happier with this than with stuff from other organic producers, where the lack of industry emulsifiers sometimes makes for grizzly texture or they simply don't handle the composition of ethereal oils too well (purely in terms of smell). It's also the one cosmetic line that isn't 100% more expensive in Germany compared to the US .

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    I guess its much cheaper in Germany because its a German product.

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    I was really excited to try an organic cosmetic line, Dr Hauschka was available for a couple of years at all Sephora stores in New York (unfortunately not anymore) and since I have a SA friend working at Sephora I was able to test many large generous size samples. Unfortunately I was not thrilled by any of the products at all, not only I wished the line had been a little "sexier" but I really didn 't click with anything I tried.
    Jurlique from Australia has extremely pure organic grade products, I tried the rose mist but although I understand why it 's very expensive Jurlique 's not for me either as I already have a too big budget for perfumes, shoes and clothes...

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    I use the line for the entire family (including two boys under 4) and we love it. So far, no reactions by anyone and the suncare for kids is wonderful. The aftersun lotion give the skin a beautiful glow and it's full of soothing ingredients. Makeup is another story....colours are rather dull for olive complexions but may suit lighter skin tones better.

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    My friend has eczema and won't use anything else. She says the rose cream is great when her skin flares up, and she no longer gets anything on her face.

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