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    Default Think I'm In Love

    Just bought a bottle of Pal Zileri's Sartoriale. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    Goes on very like Gucci Pour Homme, but then starts to dry down more along the lines of, well, I'm not quite sure what. (Whatever I'm smelling, it's less linear than Gucci PH as the scent matures on my skin.)

    Picking up a lot of good quality sandalwood here, as well as cedar and tobacco.

    Dries down to a lovely, crisp (vetiver?) base.

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    I have a sample of Sartoriale and I get a light rose note lingering over nice woods... do you detect it as well ?
    « L'odeur de rose, faible, grâce au vent léger d'été qui passe, se mêle aux parfums qu'elle a mis.»
    [ Paul Verlaine ]

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    Don't know about the rose, but it could be there. Definitely some wood there - guiac, perhaps?

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    I loved Sartoriale also ...

    ... notice I said "loved".

    I think it's a great scent ... but is down there with eau par Kenzo and D'Orange Verte as one of the worst "longevity" frags I ever owned. I went through my 1.7 oz. bottle in little over a month with not much to show for it at all. I was so pissed at the longevity one day, that I counted 80 SPRAYS between my face, neck, chest, shirt, etc...! By noon of that day, there wasn't a trace of it to be smelled anywhere on my body.

    I recently had a similar experience with the new Paul Smith London. I went through my 1.7 oz. bottle in 2 weeks because of the poor longevity.

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