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    Unhappy "Poison: Esprit de Parfum" does NOT always mean it's from the '80's.

    Sometimes I hate eBay.

    I've been searching for a bottle of Poison for a while now, and I haven't had much luck. I'd like something from the '80's, either the Esprit de Parfum or the EDT.

    I thought that if I purchased something with "Esprit de Parfum" on the box or bottle that I would be guaranteed to be getting the original '80's vintage. Not so. *sigh*

    I know that things on eBay are tricky. But I did think that if I purchased something from a reputable vendor I'd have a good chance of not getting burned. So I purchased a mini bottle on eBay, and it had the Esprit de Parfum label, and the box was *just* weathered enough to make me believe that I would be getting a well-tended bottle of vintage Poision.

    Nowhere on the seller's ad did it say that it was vintage. A combination of my ignorance, my *wanting* to believe that it was vintage, plus a carefully crafted ad… Anyway. All told, I'm only out about $30. Still.

    I write this to help anyone else out there who may be looking for a vintage bottle of Poison. Esprit de Poison does *not* always mean it's a vintage, from-the-80's blend.

    I write this because the vendor (and at least one other vendor) still has many of these same bottles up for sale on eBay and I don't want anyone else to get burned. I think it's interesting that after I purchased my bottle-- too late, yes I know-- I clicked on the "ask seller a question" link and asked how old the item was. He or she wrote back privately and told me that it was made in 2013. I think it's rather telling that he answered me privately and did not post the question or the answer anywhere on his listing. (and the listing is still up; it's one of those multiple items kinds of listings.) Although he may not be deliberately misleading people into thinking they're getting a vintage bottle, he's probably capitalizing on our ignorance.

    *sigh* *sniff* I'm bummed. I know, it's partly-- even mostly-- my own fault. Caveat Emptor.
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    Default Re: "Poison: Esprit de Parfum" does NOT always mean it's from the '80's.

    It can sometimes help to check on Perfume Intelligence before buying.
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