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    Default Miyake headaches?

    I looked at the reviews for Issey Miyake PH, and half of them sound like it's perfect for me, while the other half say "omfg, headaches." Is this just because people put on too much? What about it is headache inducing? The only thing I've gotten a headache from is John Varvatos Vintage.. from the SMALLEST bit of it. All I need is a dab on the wrist from a sample vial and it's headache city for me. I'm interested in getting the Miyake scent but not sure what to think with all the headache comments.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    Issey frags, and many others, have some synthetic ingredients which cause headaches.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    I don't get any headaches from it. Just compliments!
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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    Well yeah.. if overapplied, right? Can potentially cause headaches, not will cause headaches for sure, right? Cause I mean I think every fragrance I own has synthetic ingredients in them.. no headaches ever.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    People might have a tendency to overspray "aquatic" fragrances, thus the headache complaints. This explains why i can always smell Acqua Di Gio from a mile away.
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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    Issey can give me a headache if I put too much. Be careful and you'll be ok.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    Yeah, same here =/. That makes sense though. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    I also got headaches from the Issey PH.However i tried Issey Bleue and got no headache...i prefer the Bleue...obviously

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    I can spray myself 10 times with L'eau d'Issey and not get a headache. It's strong but I don't find it cloying. In fact, once the strong topnotes fade then I'm left with a rather subtle scent.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    No problem for me with Miyake. NOTHING, but NOTHING, but NOTHING, but NOTHING gives me a headache like the vile A-men by Thierry Mugler. (That cocoa-covered, tar-soaked bottled manure literally caused me to vomit once.)

    I always adored Versailles by Jean Desprez (when it was still on the market), but would put up with the headaches and move along. But Miyake? No problems for me, no.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    I am one of those that get a headache of this. And I got my headache from one spray to my wrist from a sample of this. It's just so incredibly, terribly sweet on me.... After that headache I couldn't even stand AdG for two or three days. I thought I will never like it again.

    Sorry to be so negative, but L'Eau D'Issey was my worst fragrance experience so far.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    That's too funny because when I first tried it several years ago I had a horrible headache, and it was the only fragrance that's ever given me a headache. I smelt it on my coat for days. However trying it recently I was fine and actually rather like it ... strange.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    It's a powerful scent, but no headaches here (nor from any other frag I've ever tried-- I wonder whether the "headache" comments are more figurative than literal).

    Issey is pretty widely sold-- try any department store or Sephora to try it out, yourself.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    It depends on how many sprays and how far away from yor body you spray it. For me, I spray it about a 8 inches away on which ever body part(s) I want, but never more than 3 at the most (1 on each wrist, and 1 on the upper chest/neck area). That seems to work for me with the stronger fragrances too such as A*men, By Man, Relax.. Give that a try if you wanna test L'Eau D'Issey before you buy it. Otherwise, I think it's pretty good stuff, great for the warmer weather.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bleakhaus
    I wonder whether the "headache" comments are more figurative than literal).
    Mine is to be taken literal. I had quite a headache with a bit of nausea.

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    Default Re: Miyake headaches?

    issey miyake is a bit strong yeah. but no headaches for me here.
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