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    Question Question about frag application

    I suggested in an earlier thread that one way to apply frags was to spritz on the wrists and forearms then gently rub them together to release the fragrance. This was a "tip" given me by and IFF rep some thirty odd years ago.

    Got an online response saying that perhaps this was not a good idea.

    Anybody out there got a definitive answer?
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    Don't rub. It crushes the scent. It is better to let the scent soak into your skin naturally.

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    It depends entirely if you're using the 'essence' or perfume. When I use oils or 'essences' I apply it on my pulse points and use it very sparingly. I was at an Arabian Oud store in Paris and a drop of pure musk oil was enough to last me for at least two days! It took at least four washings or so before the scent was completely vanished. When appllying eau de toilette or cologne.. I spray it liberally all over my body!!
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    So does this mean , when applying perfume, or parfum, you DAB, and when applying EDT you spray? I was surprised at how everything at the dept. store was in spray form. maybe that means it was all EDT.
    I think I like dabbing better.
    Thoughts? Spray or Dab?

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