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    I love the smell of beeswax. What fragrances have this note? Is this what people refer to as a honey note?

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    There is a beeswax note that smell's more like beeswax than like honey. Beeswax has a honey note to it, but it also has the wax like aroma of beeswax. I love two fragrances that have that distinctive beeswax note - Shiseido's Feminite du Bois and Balenciaga's Talisman. Both are top notch fragrances. Keep in mind however that in the fragrance world, most products are not usually composed to be very "literal". That is, for example, if a fragrance is called, say, Narcisse Noir, it may not smell literally like a narcissus. There are fragrances that are designed to be literal renditions of a fragrance. But I would say that the most respected fragrances tend to be less literal. Kind of like in the musical world, a symphonic piece may be written to put some emphasis on a certain instrument, but the symphony orchestra as a whole, with its multitude of highly varied instruments will be used in the composition. Feminite du Bois and Talisman include a beeswax note and if you "listen" for it you will experience it, but they each are very different and are composed to include many other notes.

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    There is a distinct beeswax note in the LE L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger scent. Because the scent is constructed so simply, that particular note rises to the surface.

    Honey is quite different IMO. That would be the note in Miel de Bois, where it is both sharp and sweet and oftentimes concretely pissoir-like. The note seems to do the devil's work when exposed to heat, although I had a Sephora one-note honey atomizer that was sweeter and girlish and not prone to urinal associations.

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    Default Re: honey/beeswax

    Comme des Garçons EdP
    CdG Burnt Sugar
    Serge Lutens A la Nuit, Chêne, Chergui, Fumerie Turque, La Myrrhe, Miel de Bois, Un Bois Vanille
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    I get a distinct beeswax note from Carthusia Ligea La Sirena...though it's not in the notes. Also in SL's Cuir Mauresque, which is pure candle shop to my nose.

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    Beeswax is th signature note in most of the Serge Lutens line. The scents where it is more pronounced are Miel de Bois (duh! ), Ambre Sultan, Fumerie Turque, Chergui, Cuir Mauresque, to name just a few.

    Other perufmes with a pronounced beeswax note are Asja, Sweet Oriental Dream, and Angel. For bright and green tea and honey scents I recommend Yuzu Citrus by Artemisia Perfume, and Green Grass & Sunshine by V'Tae.

    From my own line - Finjan, Epice Sauvage, Black Licorice and Zohar have the most pronounced beeswax notes.
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    There's a distinct honey note in Botrytis by Ginestet.

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    A few days ago I noticed Creed's Angélique Encens having a note which reminds me a whole lot of beeswax and I don't think it was only amber, even though I think amber was a part of it. Haven't checked any scent pyramids yet though.

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    Thanks all!
    Now that I have focused on this question some, and tested some of the above fumes, I feel more enlightened on the topic.

    I happened to try the Miel scent in Occitaine it was WAY sweet, cloyingly so, but it DID smell like honey. So now I am thinking the note I should look for is beeswax, which is where this whole thing started to begin with.

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