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    Default what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    I wish this were intuitively obvious to me, but it's not.

    I really think it would be helpful for me to have a better understanding of the concepts that determine peoples' designating one cologne as being for warmer weather, another for the cold.

    Got any theories?

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    Default Re: what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    Everyone has their own assessment of seasonal criteria.. I'm sure and though there are really no rules to what you can or can't wear, generally speaking.... in a Canadian climate that ranges from +30 to -30 in temperature, there are simply some fragrances that can't endure the heat and are suffocating when it's sticky and humid. For example, a fragrance like L'Eau Par Kenzo, which is essentially, a watery, lemony citrus based "fresh" a smell I can tolerate in the midst of summer.. it's fresh, light, citrusy.. evoking connotations of lemonade, so on..and so on.. where as an 80's powerhouse, like Polo.. or Bel Ami, would come off as stifling in that kind of climate.. It could also be that some notes are easier to handle in different kinds of weather..

    The scents I would wear in fall and winter, are woodsier, spicier, smokier and darker in nature.. it's hard to know if my choices are based on association or not. For example, the smell of burning wood often catches my nose in the midst of a cold winter's walk.. could that be why I gravitate to woods in the winter? Regardless, for me..there are just certain notes and heaviness to fragrances that are quite indicative of seasons.

    I would not hesitate to wear something fresh in the fall or winter, but I do have to be careful with what I wear in the summer because when heat or sweat mixes with certain fragrances, the way they come apart on the skin can be just nasty.. Bel Ami on a hot sticky day = gag reflex...

    I don't know if any other people have more articulate assessments of the aforementioned question, but these are my rantings on the subject anyway..

    basically Creed's MI Vs. Dior's Fahrenheit.. both frags I would wear, but at extreme opposites.. in regards to seasonal selection.


    Aside from that,

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    Default Re: what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    These are not arbitrary designations, it simply a question of the fact that for many of us, certain kinds of fragrances are suffocating or unpleasant to wear in hot weather. It is something you learn the hard way, as to what you can personally tolerate in the climate that you live in.

    When I got to Basenotes I thought the whole seasonal thing was odd. But from experience I've found that I had to retire the gourmands altogether and put the orientals away for the spring and summer. Living in Arizona has continued pushing me towards lighter, so-called summer scents and eaux de cologne.

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    Default Re: what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    Simply put, some fragrances (especially woody, gourmands) can get cloying and suffocating in hot weather. Hence the seasonal categorization.

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    Default Re: what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    I wear what I like to wear when I choose a scent. It really depends on my mood and not necessarily the temperature outside. Living in Los Angeles gives me the freedom to do that. With that said, I tend to wear fresh scents on warmer months and woody/spicier scents in the winter. Although I find absolutely nothing wrong with looking for an invincible summer in the midst of winter.
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    Default Re: what criteria determine the "season" for a scent?

    I think nearfantastica's comments summarize the concept very well, although I patently disagree with the idea of rigidly restricting one's fragrance selection by this criteria. For many of us, the extremes of temperature are endured for a brief few minutes between automobile and edifice, while climate control is the norm indoors, and thus any fragrance can be worn with impunity virtually any time of year.

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