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    I fell for this note in Mimosa pour Moi at the L'artisan boutique in Paris. JUST like the acacia trees I used to climb. Now I find there are LOTS of frags with this note in them. I just tried Mimosaique by Nicolai, which at first I loved better than my Mimosa pour Moi, but it evolved into something a little sharper. Now I want to try others. Any ideas out there?

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    Maybe not as pure as Mimosa pour Moi, but I would recommend KenzoSummer with its almond-like soft mimosa notes.

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    Kenzo summer is a nice one, I agree.

    Fleur de Cassie by Malle (nose D.Ropion) is coaxing acacia/mimosa into a very unique fragrance. A love or hate it thing, so try.

    Farnesiana by Caron is another classic take on mimosa.

    I also suggest you try the new harvest of Amarige Mimosa; it's supposedly a special harvest of mimosas that goes into the original fragrance and (hopefully, cuz I hate the original) softens it. It's a LE though, so I suggest you hurry.

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    I absolutley fell in love with Farnesiana. It's a surprising scent - it smells like cassie (a type of mimosa) but in a most gourmand interpretation, with sweet vanillic-almondy notes.

    Un Fleur de Cassie from Frederic Malle is another cassie scent (cassie is a deeper type of mimosa, it's a base note as opposed to mimosa being a top note) and is a richly green and woody floral note.

    You can also try Les Nuages de Joie Jaune - my new mimosa soliflore. It means "couds of yellow happiness" and is a light, cheerful and sweet mimosa scent. Here is a link to the description and notes:
    And my blog entry about the development of the mimosa scent:

    If you want to try it PM me and I will send you a sample.
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    Un Fleur de Cassie is wonderful, but not for beginners. Farnesiana is a safer take on that note. I find Farnesiana somewhat in line with Datura Noir as far as gourmand-ish florals go.

    Why, why, WHY must one spend $200.00 to obtain the Fleur de Cassie? It might just be worth it.

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    I hope the ones you climbed were not as thorny as Acacia farnesiana!

    Santa Maria Novella Gaggia is another nice take on that sweet acacia scent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by docluv45
    I hope the ones you climbed were not as thorny as Acacia farnesiana!

    Santa Maria Novella Gaggia is another nice take on that sweet acacia scent.
    no, we climbed Acacia baileyana smmooooooth green trunks. very springy branches and heavenly puffs of those beautiful yellow flowers at the end of January into February....

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