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    Default Fathers & Mothers

    What did your parents wear when you were children? Or if your prefer, what do they wear now, that is, what would you give from as a birthday or Christmas present?

    When I was very very little I could always find my mother in a crowd because she always wore D'Orsay's Intoxication and Le Dix from Balenciaga. These two are in fact my earliest memories of "scentual" identification. Of course her real signature was the now-defunct original Bob Mackie (now reissued under a very different formulation) and Narcisse Noir from Caron. When the Mackie disappeared from the perfume counters at Bendel's she turned to St. John's White Camilla as it's subsequent heir. Only on extremely special occasions would she bring out the Sortilege and Indiscret from Lucien Lelong as well as her wide collection of all things Bourjois which she very cleverly kept locked up away from my busy little hands. Now she mostly prefers to wear niche fragrances like Biba from Ava Luxe and her very own commissioned perfume oils from Createurs et Parfumeurs in Paris with the very occasional spritz from Anouchka by Revillon, Kimono by Lafco, Fraiche Passiflore by Maitre & Gantier, Lily Prune Fruity Musk by Ulric de Varens, and Suggestion by Claude Montana. Now, I know better than to give my mother perfume as a present but I recently hit the jackbot this summer when I acquired the new Rose by Hervé Léger and two respective bottles of Sun and Sex from the Colette Summer 1999 collection at L'eclaireur. Panthère and Desnuda are her guilty pleasures.

    As per my father's taste, he is a much simpler man sans the excessive eccentricities of either my mother or myself. He has been wearing Knize Ten since he was fifteen and rarely if ever strays from that trademark unless it's Carthusia Numero Uno or Kiton. In the 1980's he wore Christian Dior Jules and Paco Rabanne. However he does enjoy both of the mens fragrances by Yohji Yamamoto and especially Escada Casual Friday for some really really odd reason, a great deal too. We were recently in Europe this Summer and we stocked up on all things Adolfo Dominguez and Loewe, as well as Patricia de Nicolaï too, of course.

    So, tell me about your mother and father.
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    The only thing my mother wore when I was young was Shalimar.

    My father had Old Spice, English Leather, and British Sterling that he received as gifts and never wore.
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My Mother wears Jovan White Musk.....very carefully. She sprays this on the bottum of her slip or skirt. Too much of anything and she has a sneeze attack.
    My Dad used
    1. Brut
    2. British Sterling
    3. Avon
    4. Pierre Cardin
    5. English Leather

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Dad occasionally used old spice aftershave

    Mom wore Opium on special occasions
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My dad uses Monsieur Musk... only. In fact my parents go on expeditions to find the stuff... apparently the only place they've found it is some beauty supply chain.

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My mother wore Coty Emeraude.

    My father never touches cologne!

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My mom wore White Shoulders and White Diamonds.

    My dad doesn't wear anything. He always had a bottle of stetson that sat on his dresser collecting dust. I think my mom used to buy him stetson soap-on-a-rope from time to time, but he has zero interest in fragrance. That's kind of pain because I think he would think my hobby is a bit nancy-boy. I don't ever avoid wearing fragrance when I'm around him, but I'm careful not to disclose just how much fragrance I have.

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My Mother:

    Chanel No. 5
    Joy by Patou

    My Father:

    English Leather (Dana)
    Old Spice
    Various bay rums

    When I was very young, I remember looking at the box where my mom stored her No. 5 and wondering "What the heck is channel no. 5 and why didn't anything come through that number on the television?"

    My Dad tried to make his own bay rum once -- threw some bay leaves in with some other stuff and let it sit. Quite the experiment.

    edit: Oh yeah, Dad also wore Brut back in the day!
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Not sure what my mother wore, now I'll have to ask her.


    Old Spice
    Dana English Leather


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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Mom: none
    Dad: none
    Sister: none

    ...although they each have a bottle laying around somewhere.

    I make up for all the rest of them.
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Quote Originally Posted by thenmarcher
    Old Spice
    Dana English Leather

    Why hilarious?

    As for me, Dad wore no frag and Mom rarely wore Rive Gauche.
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My Father wore/wears Mennen Afta or Skin Bracer and nothing else by God.........and only enough to get the job done...........Typical squared away career officer (retired).........

    ......Maybe some Lectric Shave if he's feeling wild & crazy........................

    Mom is devoted to White Shoulders and Terra Nova's Rain..........I actually got her hooked on the later a decade ago........
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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Interesting thread!

    When I was growing up (so we're talking 1960's-'70's)

    - Miss Dior (from a really beautiful glass-stoppered bottle - still has some juice in it today)
    - Chanel No. 5
    - Arpege
    - Ma Griffe

    - British Sterling - There was a bottle of on his dresser for the longest time, but I don't think he ever even opened it. It may still be lurking somewhere as far as I know.
    - Chanel pour Homme (I might have taken a splash or two of this sometimes) There was only ever one bottle of this; it got used up and never replaced.

    - Red Door (disgusting)
    - Chanel No. 5 (rare)
    - Acqua di Parma (from the bottle I gave her because I can't wear it anymore).

    Dad - generally fragrance free these days, but on the rare occasion:
    - Drakkar Noir (!)
    - He may also take a squirt of the AdP.

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    I don't actually remember my parents anything. I never paid attention as a kid. But I do know my

    Dad has a bottle of
    Old English Leather

    Mom has
    many different bottles of Chanel though I'm not sure which ones

    My dad hates fragrances. It sucks - he always proclaims how it's bothering him oh so much. He's pretty stubborn and doesn't give anything a chance anymore. Otherwise I think he'd be able to enjoy them.

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    My dad says he wore Canoe to Bar Mitzvah parties and whatnot when he was a lad. Doesn't wear anything now.

    My mom has worn the same lame scent since she was a teenager. It's called Charlie, and she gets it at the drugstore for like $10. She applies it super lightly, which is good, because it's not a particularly good scent. Could be worse though.

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Mother: none (and still none)
    Father: none
    Sister: none (last years: just sometimes, no preference)

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Old Spice, Polo Green

    Chanel Coco

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    Default Re: Fathers & Mothers

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giraffe
    My dad says he wore Canoe to Bar Mitzvah parties and whatnot when he was a lad. Doesn't wear anything now.

    My mom has worn the same lame scent since she was a teenager. It's called Charlie, and she gets it at the drugstore for like $10. She applies it super lightly, which is good, because it's not a particularly good scent. Could be worse though.
    Hey one of my best friends wears Charlie, & it works AMAZINGLY well on her for a cheapie scent. I actually used to wear Charlie Red, & another friend wore Charlie White. We were suitemates in college & we prided ourselves on our bottles of the various Charlie versions on the sink .

    Back on topic...both of my parents wore several fragrances as I was growing up. Most notably, Dad wore California and Brut. Mom wore Red Door and Longing. Now, Dad wears Ken Cole Reaction and Gucci Envy. Mom wears Hugo Deep Red.
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