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    Default 2006 Fourth Quarter Releases

    What if anything were you guys looking foward for release this year?

    I thought I was pretty eager to acquire the male debuts from Prada and Viktor & Rolf but now that I have them I'm mostly looking foward to the latest/first fragrance for men from Vivienne Westwood. She is no doubt my absolute favorite fashion designer so this is the one fragrance that in some way I've been waiting for my entire life. Basenotes doesn't have any updates or composite information for it yet other than the basic TBA, but it was mentioned in Numéro Homme earlier this year that it's to be called Orb and based on cedar and moss notes. It will supposedly go on sale through Harvey Nichols in Riyadh and Hong Kong this holiday season before it's Boxing Day release in the United Kingdom, it this still true? Neither her official website nor have any further information. Do you guys know anything about this project? 2004's Anglomania was first promoted under the working title of Order and I believe Libertine went by the name of Seditionaries for a while during it's development and production.


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    Default Re: 2006 Fourth Quarter Releases

    There have been rumours for the past few years that Viv was going to release a men's fragrance. I will believe it when I see it.
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